Thursday, December 23, 2004

Frosty the Snow Puddle


The sun came out this morning and shone brilliantly, which I was glad for, but IT MELTED THE SNOW!!!!! Oh well..we DO have to go get groceries today, so maybe the roads won't be so icy after all with all this solar. How disappointing, nevertheless.

I wonder if there are any bloggers out there who are experiencing snow for the first time like I am. Anyone, anyone? 2 more days to go till Christmas!


Anonymous said...

hi..nice blog you have name is douglas..4th batch of UNIMAS medical batch...anyway quit medicine for personal reason in fifth year and currently doing a business degree programme....
so how life in texas ? why choose texas and not others? anyway, i enjoy reading people blog but myself lazy to do it..reading blog give me a lot of ideas about things happening outside my 'shell'..hahah..
anyway, got my personal website ( which has many links to other interesting blog especially on food very much but as usual lazy to cook as well.... gtg...and good lcuk..the animations in yr blog so cute and lovely...merry christmas..

david said...

I know -- it's sad to see the snow's like watching part of the world disappear...but keep your fingers crossed for MORE SNOW!