Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Let the Idolism begin!

Just a couple of questions..

1. Did anyone else cringe at the auditions?

2. Will there be another William Hung??

That's a pretty scary thought


Jeff said...

I cringed many times at the auditons! Some of their reactions to finding out that the judges thought they were bad singers were so insane. I had to mute the TV a few times when they tried to hit high notes!!

There can only be one William Hung, or so we can hope!

http://pointclickjeff.blogspot.com/ Jeff

K. Restoule said...

I know that they're awful but it's like a train wreck, You can't take your eyes of it.

Frally said...

Hi Letti, thanks for stopping by my blog. Do stop by again sometime, the more the merrier.
By the way, William Hung is my fantasy husband. Don't tell my real husband. He gets jealous and is very insecure about his looks in comparison to hotties like William ;).

Anonymous said...

I thought the pace of tonight's show was slow. But it was still entertaining. It's funny how you think you're an expert of music just by watching this show. I find myself say, "that was aweful - what the hell were they thinking?" Then I say to myself, at least i know I can't sing and am too old to audition anyway :P

:: Mona ::

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that I wasn't the only one that watched American Idol last night! I know that most of them were aweful, but I just couldn't stop watching it! It is so funny! But there were a few that could really break it down! Who knows! Maybe next year you will see me on American Idol (I LOVE to sing!!!!!!!). LOL!! No, I would never put myself in a position for that kind of rejection and ridicule (or however you spell that word!)

makuahine said...

Ah finally the page got here... sometimes I hate blogger, takes soooo long to get to the comment page!

Anyway - AH!

Yes the auditions are always quite scary! I actually had my in-laws watching them and that was funny! ;-) I didn't get to see them all though, only the first 45 minutes I guess...

TR said...

Phew...glad I'm not the only one who watches AI. I laughed so hard my sides hurt. What's up with that Braxton dude anyway? He's sooo in love with himself *LOL*

Trish in Singapore

Anonymous said...

I hate william hung. I rather scratch my eyes out then to listen to him. Its bad how he portrays himself... UGH! A shame!

Animesh said...

Yep. Just saw the episode you mentioned. They are airing it in India as well!
Some pretty wierd people showed up! It's the same in Indian Idol as well. I guess stupidity transcends all geographical barriers! :)

Anonymous said...

They are only showing Season 4 in the Singapore channel now and yesterday I watched it, I was laughing my butt off especially this girl, called MARY, and she said she was hearing voices in her head...OH MY GOD... even I am not THAT bad.. I just talk to myself...ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Hi Letti! :)

That is one scary picture you have up there. Use Photoshop for good, not for evil! :)