Sunday, January 02, 2005


This is an actual product, I swear.

The reason I know this is because I own this bottle.

Horlicks is a rather popular drink in Malaysia, kind of like Dr. Pepper or Iced Tea over here.

I never gave its name much thought until my sister-in-law, who is from China and now resides with my brother in the states, took one look at it and burst into uncontrollable giggles.

Just make sure that while you're wondering what's so funny, don't say the name out too loud in front of your parents.... OR children.

p/s: Their website advertises that it's a wonderful pre-bedtime beverage that'll help you sleep better. Go figure.


Jilly said...

Ahh Haa, Horlicks, an old british favourite! Maybe us brits are not quite as reserved as many think *wink*

a*c said...

heh...i'm watchign tv with my parents right now and just burst out laughing. they're lookin at me like i'm nutty!

Anonymous said...

Ooh that is too funny!

And I didn't even realize you were 33. You REALLY don't look it at all. :)


den said...

what? u r 33??
btw, i dont know that ppl in overseas love horlicks!

Animesh said...
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Animesh said...

LOL. We have horlicks in India as well.
And hey! I can see the pics now :)
Happy New Year!

yvaine said...

Did you know that there is also Horlicks candy? I love it.

Andi said...

My cousin Claire just came over to the US for three weeks and brought me four big jars of the stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hey letti, thanks for stopping by.

Hope you tagged someone ;)!

I can't believe I never noticed the name. I used to drink the stuff (It's horrible by the way, almost like Brands Chicken Essence - in stead of a clear head for my O levels it gave me a sick stomach ;)

Guess Malaysia brought us up to be good, clean minded girls ;)

Have a great year too, too bad there won't be as many open houses over there for CNY. Nyek Nyek Nyek.

hahaha sorry I'm on a roll tonight.

Have a great day, with the time difference it's probably just starting.

-anna@the particular ordinary

Chris said...

It took me a while before I got it ! :) I used to drink Horlicks as well back in Malaysia. Not sure if it's available in Australia.

Chris (

Anonymous said...

Is HORLICK that a mixture of HORse radish and garLIC? That would explain the name but I dunno if that would really work the way it should. I think it would wake me up instead.


-yuni- said...

haha...that's funny..o-uh so it counts as i'm having a dirty understanding too huh? hhahahaha...

viva mandinah said...


I have been drinking Horlicks since I was four and till now never realised the "hidden name"... hehe

When I was little I use to pronounce it HOLLICKS so I suppose I grew up calling it that.

esclava said...

I was mildly amused until that last bit...then i burst out laughing.