Friday, March 11, 2005

Haloscan Commenting

Blogger Comments have been messing up

So I've added Haloscan..HURRAH!
I've also left the Blogger comments in there in case they decided to get their act together.


SiaoChaBoa said...

Yes.. it has been acting up.. and it's really frustrating.. ! i might have to be like you .. and add Haloscan too.. :(

Ngakaari said...

I wonder why they called it Haloscan, people come up with such quirky names don't they? lol.

letti said...

Haha! That's funny because I took my HaloScan off when I changed the format of my blog. After I downloaded HaloScan I started getting pop-ups. It was realy annoying. Anyway, Hope this works for you!! Oh yeah, we're making your eggrolls this weekend!
Kerri Rachelle | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 7:22 am | #

Hi Letti, You'll like Halo. In my case for some reason I get hate mail?? So I can track the IP and ban them. I don't think you'll have that problem. LOL
Raven | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 7:58 am | #

Yay for Haloscan!!

What is up with Blogger these days?

Good choice with Halo - that way all your admirers won't have to wait for Blogger to get their act together!!
Jin | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 10:41 am | #

Yeah, I was bloghopping last night and I couldn't leave comments for anyone! *boo, hiss* Haloscan is very cool. I used to use it and was very happy with it.
Mysti | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 11:38 am | #

Hi Letti, Sorry I havent visited in a while. I lost your link for some reason when I was redesigning my blog. Sorry. Hope you are well. Hugs Sarah
Sarah | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 11:56 am | #

Blogger has sucked the past few days and they haven't even updated their 'known problems' page with what is going on. You can't leave comments on ANYONES blog if they only have blogger for commenting. Way to go on getting Haloscan!!!
andrea | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 12:19 pm | #

What is this Haloscan? I think I like it!

Very cool Letti! Now I can comment again.
Aaron | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 12:35 pm | #

your my hero, letti!
i might have to follow your lead here too...
dreaming-neko | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 2:50 pm | #

What was wrong with Blogger? I hadn't noticed any problems. Oh well, I dig Haloscan anyway. Hope everything is going great with the wedding plans!
Clint | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 4:42 pm | #

A lot of people seem to be switiching, so it must be good. Hope you have a great weekend!
Hannah | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 5:21 pm | #

hooray for haloscan. i used to find that they kept the comments for longer and i could access them when my blogs were archived. but now they seem to dissapear pretty quickly.
a*c | Homepage | 03.11.05 - 6:13 pm | #