Saturday, March 12, 2005

If I'm related to a fruit....

I must be a Fruit Cake.

Happiness was when I found "rambutans" in an Asian store in Abilene yesterday morning. If you have been away from your country of origin for any period of time, with very little resembling anything back home as far as food was concerned, you can understand why I was elated. So, I bought a bunch of rambutans and since the "gang" was meeting up for lunch, I thought I'd bring the fruit along for everyone to try.....

Letti: "Er..isn't anyone going to try the rambutan?"

Judy: "Ooo..the skin is's not edible, is it?"

Stephanie: *nibble* "The texture is different from anything I've ever had"

Shana: "Let me try a's all about the texture."

Walter: "What's it called again? Oh, RambuTan? You must be related then! *chuckle* ( My last name is Tan ) tastes like lychee!"

Lin: "Rambu Tan...Rambu Tan...."

Cindy: "Well, I liked it. And you can use the skin for artsy stuff."

Letti: "Elizabeth, aren't you going to try one?"

Elizabeth: *wrinkles her nose*

Lin: "It's good! I like it too. Can I have more?"

David: "I'm not going near that thing. I don't even LIKE lychee."

Once again, you can read all about it HERE at good ol' Wikipedia


Jaxon S said...

a rambutan in texas, hey perhaps you can try plant the seed. see if it grows there.

SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. Letti,
I know exactly what you mean..;) I went hysterical just seeing canned longans.. hahhaha!!

Desmond Goh said...

You bought a bunch? Must have cost you a bomb considering the transportation cost from Malaysia to Texas and probably by air too to keep it fresh. But it is all worth it if you missed it for a while.

letti said...

Jaxon: Alas, it only grows in Tropical climates..

Mrs T: Arghh..i want mata kuching NOW!!

Desmond: It cost $4.00 a lb! I got a pound..LOL

KEF said...

Ha :) sayang sayang poor thing so home sick ;)

Anonymous said...

Rambutan are in the supermarkets in LA in season but to get a bunch of them is a small mircale, like "finding beer in the soda machine".


ks said...

Once I introduced durian to a colleague from NY. She took a bite off the durian including the seed as well! Lol! We didnt tell her there's seed inside.

Raven the Pagan said...

Well it certainly looks different. LOL I have no problem with fruits and vegtables. On the other hand meat products are a whole different ball game. I must admit the Germans eat some nasty food. Blood sausage, I won't even try this stuff. Or this other stuff found locally called fleck. A cows stomach and lungs. I think I'll go with asian food over German food everytime. Now beer is another story. LOL

Mandy said...

Actually, that sounds quite yummy. A friend of mine brought something over from Thailand and we all tried it.. that was yummy too (shame I can't remember the name of it)

Anonymous said...


letti, you may open your jaw in disbelief...

but, i myself, have never seen a rambutan... and I'm a KOREAN american!

maybe, it's the american part that has kept me from exploring asian fruits?

i WAS born and raised here... despite the strong efforts of my parents to stuff the korean-ness in as much as they could!


mamazilla said...

wow... i am SO jealous... i LOVE rambutans! i always have to make a special trip to chinatown to get some... hmmm, maybe i should take this as a sign - coz if ya gots 'em in abilene of all places - we MUST have them here too... ;)

btw - thanks for stopping by my blog too!

makuahine said...

Wow they are so strange looking!! haha at least to me! I'm not usually one for trying new things, but I'd like to try those, how neat! ;-)

*~*HollyMarie*~* said...

I notice that today is the 100 day mark for the wedding!! How's the planning going? I'm starting to get excited for you!!

Well, I gotta run off to church! We are having some special music tonight!

*~*God Bless*~*

julee said...

I look for rambutans next time I'm in an Asian grocery store. I really like trying new foods. I also really like your blog. You have a lot of very interesting information.

dreaming-neko said...

rambutans are yummy~ but i miss and love: durian and jackfruit! how's that for exotic foods :)

i.n. said...

we have rambutan tree in the philippines and i love rambutans! i miss them so much! too bad we don't have it here in NJ.

letti said...

I want to try one! I've never een had a fresh lychee. I really want to try durian, because I hear you either love it or hate it and I'm thinking with my unsualy tastes that I'd like it.
Hannah | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 10:16 pm | #

Hehe interesting conversation in your post. Have you ever thought of letting them try some durians? I would love to see their reactions of that :D
chek kiong | Homepage | 03.12.05 - 11:50 pm | #

Rambutan very hard to find in US ah? How come, so common here in Malaysia.
mrkiasu | Homepage | 03.13.05 - 12:00 am | #

Rambu Tan! Ha Ha!!!
Animesh | Homepage | 03.13.05 - 12:15 am | #

LOL I forgot you had Halo. DUH I remember next time.
Raven | Homepage | 03.13.05 - 1:07 am | #

I havent had rambutan for like YEARS!!! The problem is that they do sell it here in the UK but its so expensive. I wanted a mango the other day and they were selling it for £1.80 each! and it was tiny! I bought a papaya once it did not taste like papaya at all and it cost me a fortune too. So it kinda puts me off buting exotic goods coz I know they wont be as nice as what we would get back home.
Ria | Homepage | 03.13.05 - 2:56 am | #

What do they taste like?
sweetspirit | 03.13.05 - 6:30 pm | #

yummy! rambutan is yummy yummy!! hehe,nasib baik they have it in US, at least you will not be like 'rindu rambutan'..hehe
yuni | 03.13.05 - 7:56 pm | #

I never know the English name of this fruit ... only the Chinese one. I love all kinds of fruits, even durian ... never able to tell my husband what it is successfully.
Agnes | Homepage | 03.13.05 - 10:47 pm | #

hehe this is interesting conversation. Yea, durian is one thing. Either they run helter skelter or they love it..
Laura Y | Homepage | 03.14.05 - 2:05 am | #

Me said...

OMG! I love these things...I am originally from Vietnam and now in Dallas, I do understand. Thanks for telling me the name of them..I just call them the pointy, spikey fruit. haha! :)