Wednesday, March 02, 2005

My First BasketBall Game

We travelled 117 miles yesterday to Big Spring, Texas..

to watch a high school basketball playoff game between the Seminole Indians (Seminole, Tx ) and Wylie Bulldogs ( Abilene, Tx ).It was the first game I had ever been to, and we were joined by David's dad, Walter, and his brother, Lin.

We were NOT there to root for Abilene, however, but for Seminole, a little town at the border of Texas and New Mexico, which happens to be the boys' hometown and where they grew up and went to school.

After over an hour of screaming and cheering, we went home happy for the experience, but a little disappointed cuz Seminole lost..

Oh well, you did amazing and there's always next year, boys!!


<"3 )~ said...

Yay Letti!! Now we just need to get you to a college hoops game :) Maybe my team (Fighting Illini) will play a Texas team one day.. and we'll meet and be happy and hug and laugh and scream and root and compete for our teams ;)

or we could just hate eachother... but I doubt that highly! hehehe!

Glad you like watching b-ball... it's one of my favorites :)

<"3 )~

Raven the Pagan said...

Hi letti, most of the local high school b-ball teams by me where hurting, and I mean real bad. Except for a all girls team from New York Mills. They kicked A**! Now if we start talking collage? We had the Syracuse Orangemen. A crowd-pleasing team! One thing before I go. You must be using IE to post on your blog. In Firefox the text overlaps the photo some what. I found out that if you work on your blog use Firefox. It looks great in both browsers.
P.S. That guy in the photo was what the Germans would call "mause tod" :-)

sweetspirit said...

Hi Sweeety
Sounds like fun :), last yr when i went to Sydney to c Enrique in concert :) yummy hehe .I lost my voice for days all my la la la,, singing hehe
btw thnks 4 ur kind words sweety

Animesh said...

People actually put in effort to see high school teams play? Are they THAT good?

Raven the Pagan said...

I think so. They really put thier heart into it. The NBA in my opinion is nothing but a bunch of lazy millionaires. HAHAHA Seriously it was a 6 hour drive to the Rotten Apple. Or 1 hour drive for collage, or a 15 minute drive for high school. You decide???