Saturday, March 19, 2005

A New Toy

When I was younger,

if my mother brought us out shopping for clothes or household stuff, I would stray off to be with my father and browse through electrical appliances and gadgets.

Yesterday, THIS came via the UPS guy for me to print my Wedding Invitations ( and massive number of photographs ) on..

The Canon i9900

Canon i9900 Major Features:

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

* New ChromaPLUS 8-color ink system adds red and green inks to extend the range of the orange/red and green color gamuts

Image hosted by Image hosted by

* Fast printing: 4 x 6" borderless in about 38 seconds

* 6,144 nozzles for exceptional speed and quality

* 2-picoliter MicroFine Droplet Technology with 4800 x 2400 dpi resolution

* Wide Carriage with Borderless printing in 4 x 6", 5 x 7", 8.5 x 11" and 13 x 19" sizes

* Individually replaceable ink tanks lowers your printing costs

* Computer-less PictBridge and Bubble Jet Direct USB printing

* High-speed USB 2.0 and FireWire interfaces

I've already designed and printed a prototype of my invitation card, a short explaination of Chinese Marriage Symbols as well as a Save the Day magnet..WOOHOO!

p/s: David did the research on this one..he used to be a (semi) professional photographer for magazines and such, and so it's more HIS toy than mine :)


SiaoChaBoa said...

Hey.. letti,
We are using the Canon i860.. for all our printing needs.. :) It is very efficient.. and quiet.. :)
I can't wait to see your invatation cards.. :)

Hannah said...

oooh! I'm sure your inviations will turn out very nicely! :-)

K. Restoule said...

OK now I'm suffering from Printer Envy.

KEF said...

I'm searing with envy :( :( :(

Now that I've got the Kodak DX-7630, and HP LaserJet1010 :( YOu make me long for a colour LASER PRINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!

<"3 )~ said...

Wowzers! I think that would be a little TOO much printer for me! Don't let Oliver see it! He'll go nutz! :)

<"3 )~

Jaxon S said...

some months back, i did a research prior to buying a digicam. i couldn't sleep after i read about the Canon G6. lucky, i haven't yet into buying a printer. otherwise, it would be another round of sleepless nights with this i9900.

letti said...

Hi Letti, Now that's a set-up. I have an old ass Bjc-2000 printer. No way it can print photos from my digi camera. A friend of mine has an Epson. Prints nice photos. I'll probably pick one up next time thier on sale. Let me know how much a cartridge costs, and how many photos you can print before having to change out.One last thing can you refill the cartridges yourself?
Raven | Homepage | 03.20.05 - 4:01 am | #

Hi Raven, we had a canon i960 and to cut a long story short, it died..LOL. Anyway, David did all the research for this ( he was/is a photographer also, and is now dabbling in digital/design so it's more for HIM than for me..i just reap the benefits..LOL )

1. You can change all 8 tanks of ink individually according to which one is down/empty

2. They use the BCI-6 ink tanks, which i think are about $10 each but i've read that you can buy the "bulk" type of ink and refill it yourself. That's what we used to do with our old i960

3. I'm not sure how many photos it will print before the ink runs out, but i read a review that said "a good number"

hope that helped.

letti | Homepage | 03.20.05 - 7:23 am | #

the price of the ink cartridges online range from anything from $3 to $11
letti | Homepage | 03.20.05 - 7:25 am | #

wow, cool printer! wish i could have one.i really enjoy printing stuffs. heheh. and 8 tanks? wow.(i haven't been to Low Yat for so long, i dunno whats new in the market now) LOL.
yuni | 03.20.05 - 7:44 pm | #

That is very cool, I have a hp psc 1210 all- in-one= printer,scanner and copier.
Ngakaari | 03.20.05 - 10:27 pm | #

Yes it did thanks alot Letti. You got my interest on that. I'm going to check it out myself. Being able to refill saves a ton of cash. Thanks
Raven | Homepage | 03.21.05 - 2:02 am | #