Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ding Dong...

David had to go to the post office today.


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Because there was a little note in our mail box that said that we had 4 packages which, because (apparently) we did not hear the mail person ( have to use genderless speech here, coz sometimes it's a mailman and sometimes it's a mailwoman -- er, is there even such a word ) knock on our door at 8.00 A.M. , we had to now travel into town ( it's only 6 miles to the edge of town, but still! ) to get our packages.

That was too weird because of several things..

1. Our mailperson NEVER comes at 8.00 A.M. ( 11.30 a.m. sounds about right )

2. She almost ALWAYS leaves the packages by the door - she knows us well enough by now - if we're not home or don't answer the door for some reason and even if it's with delivery confirmation. The only time she wouldn't leave it would be when it needed a signature.

3. None of the packages that were retrieved at the post office required a signature.

4. Yada yada

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So, while David was out, he stopped by Walmart and got us a Door Chime/Bell. It would never have occured to me to do that, only because I had never lived in a house that HAD a doorbell back in Malaysia.

After I moved to the States, because lifestyles and habits are quite different between the two countries, sometimes I would think up things which David would not have thought of ( rare occasions ) but most of the time, things happen around me that require solutions that I would NEVER have thought of, just because I did not have those things around me when I was back in Malaysia.

Like last winter - I didn't think of wool caps or gloves till it got cold and I was freezing ( well, maybe not FREEZING, but close ) my ears and fingers off.... in the house! ( hey, I was acclimatizing )

Well, we live and we learn.

Now if only our doorbell wouldn't give us a heart attack jolting us out of bed.


Monica said...

wow, we had a doorbell my whole life, and we had special rings of you were a member of the family

Then my mom got one that plays all songs and she changs them for the holidays, it even does happy birthday

Laura.Y said...

I was thinking for a moment..."huh? one of the packages is a doorbell?" until I read on. LOL I wouldn't have imagined too. Malaysia houses all have doorbells built in. Oh yes, puasa has started here.

K. Restoule said...

I think the words you were looking for were "Letter Carrier".

Oh you don't know the meaning of freezing. Sorry but you need to consult the Canuck about that one.

letti said...

hi monica..wow, a customable door bell..I WANT ONE!!!

Hey there Laura..Unfortunately all the houses I've stayed in, in Malaysia ( they were of the lower end? ) did not have door bells..*sigh*

Hiya K. Restoule! Eek, never use the term Freezing when there's a canuck lurking around..LOL..Oh, and in Malaysia, it was always a MAN, so the term Postman was what we'd use..you know, all that brit influence. Yup, I believe Mail Carrier or Letter Carrier IS the right term! Thanks.

sweetspirit said...

ding ding ding ,,, hehe sometimes i wanna disconnect my doorbell especially when the delivery guy is at the wrong address tsk tsk.

cheerz gal tcz

Sarah said...

I am sure my postie just sticks the card through the door and never knocks.

your post reminds me that I have to get a new doorbell, mine broke a while back.

Sorry I havent been on in a while, Been so busy and the kids are getting better and better at the computer so I am getting less time to spend online :(

Hope you are well

makuahine said...

Most likely you had a substitue mail carrier today. When my dad was carrying, he would have one rotating day off a week, except for when it was Friday, then he'd get Friday and Saturday. He always had Sunday off. Then after the Fi & Sat week he'd skip a week then the next week start with Monday again. SO ANYWAY, subs are known to do their own things. :) I always can tell when I've had a sub mail carrier or UPS guy, they always do things differently. None have ever rang our doorbell though. None. :)