Wednesday, June 07, 2006

See You in 2 Months, Cindy

We already miss you so much !!!

Yesterday night, we saw Cindy off as she was shuttled off with other church members to the Dallas Airport to catch a plane to Zambia, where she goes off each summer for the Zambia Medical Mission. There, she works, among other things, as a dental assistant and a bible teacher.

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We had already started to miss her today, so it was such a sweet surprise to receive a card from her today in the mail, where she had made little caricatures of David and I, and Johnny and herself.

Cindy and Johnny

Can you guess who THESE two are?

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We pray you have a blessed 2 months, Cindy! And we can't wait till you're home again!


teddY said...

That is so sweet for Cindy to do so! A volunteer who serve people that are really in need. She is a good samaritan, since she doesn't choose whom to help and when to help =)

The two person? I think they are Johnny and Cindy (left and right respectively).

Have a nice day.

tammi said...

Ohhhhh how cool.I just love people like that,that have such a big heart for others.

ks said...

Lol... David's trademark goatee!

tammi said...

I take it your not out and about too,huh?Snapping away w/ your new(I'm so jealous camera)??ha ha
Luv Ya Letti-Lou,
p.s...your still at the top of my fave list,btw.Coolness huh?

tammi said...

Your the reighning queen of my list.ha ha