Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Ornaments and Lights on our Mesquite Trees

We basically used lights we had from last year..

and added some huge tree ornaments on our big main mesquite tree by our front gate. We even wrapped lights in a candy cane shape around one of the limbs!

The photos might take a little while to load

For more huge tree ornaments, click HERE


Anonymous said...

That cool really nice, but when you mean you used the lights from last year, does it mean you didn't take the lights down from last year? That's what my dad does. it really annoys my mom.

teddY said...

Hi letti firstly it is great to know that you're feeling much better now from the sore throat =) Must drink a lot of water okay?

Anyway the christmas decorations on the trees are really nice, and at night they look amazingly beautiful! Woah!

Thao said...

The lights look great and those huge ornaments are incredible. Good job!

ks said...