Wednesday, January 17, 2007

24 Marathon and Crashing Towers

During the Ice Storm recently, (updated 1/18/07)

the local Fox affiliate's (KXVA) broadcast was interrupted 5 minutes into the Season Premiere of "24". Since we had waited since almost the middle of last year ( I think ) to watch the new season, we were not too pleased.

This was posted on their website:

We are aware that due to the ice storm that hit the Abilene area on Sunday night, the Season Premiere of 24 was not able to be viewed at many households in the Abilene area. This was not anything that we had control over.The problem was with AEP, our electric power provider.We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the FOX network to try to bring that episode to Air as soon as possible.

When they finally got back on the air, the 2 hour premiere was over, and we were left wondering if there would be a chance for us to watch it before the next 2 hours, which was the next day, a Monday. ( They were doing a 4 hour premiere package thing over 2 days )

Monday came and we decided that we would forfeit watching the next 2 hours since we had NO clue what had happened in the first 2 hours, and decided to watch the Golden Globes instead.

At least they didn't lose a broadcast tower, like the local NBC affiliate, KRBC, which had gone off the air shortly before 8 pm, and David didn't get to see the season premiere of Crossing Jordan. Needless to say he was not happy. And they didn't get back on the air till about 12:30 p.m. the next day.

KRBC/NBC Abilene Tower after the mighty crash:

(Photo taken from KRBC website)

ANYHOW, yesterday, I managed to find the first 4 episodes of "24" Season 6, the exact ones that we had missed, online at, and so David and I had a "24" marathon last night, watching all of them from his widescreen laptop, comfy and warm in our matching recliners till almost 4 in the morning. Hehe.

Oh, and it was snowing outside when we finally finished watching the 4 episodes, and what did I do? Stand outside and catch snowflakes on my tongue, of course!!

update: In the Abilene Reporter News today:

NOAA transmitter goes out

Today's Talker

January 18, 2007

Here's today's lesson in irony: When the ice-caked 500-foot KRBC-TV broadcast tower collapsed during Sunday's wintry blast, it also took out the National Weather Service's transmitter - meaning your little battery-operated weather radio that warns you about nasty storms is about useless for now.

''It might take a couple of weeks for complete repairs,'' said KRBC and KTAB-TV news director Tom Vodak.

People can still get weather information from TV, radio, and the Abilene Reporter-News, but not with their weather-dedicated radios.

- Ken Ellsworth


Monica said...

that sucks that you didnt see it at first, I have to check this site out!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Letti! It's SOOOO good to be back blogging again. I totally related to your frustration about "24". My David and I have been waiting for this season of LOST to start back up since last fall. (eyeroll)

Anonymous said...

Up here Bestbuy is selling the first 4 episodes on DVD for $10. That's not happening down there?

Anonymous said...

Yup, they have it at walmart for USD 9.88, but hey, we get to watch it for free, and no extra DVD to be hassled with :)

teddY said...

Sorry to hear that you can't catch the episodes you wanted to watch... blame it on the weather. It's getting weird nowdays...

Have a great weekend though!