Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A "What I am Watching" Post

We do not subscribe

to any Chinese/Asian Channels on our Satellite TV service, and so I've been quite deprived of Cantonese serials for quite a while now. Yeah yeah, American channels show the odd Cantonese movie now and again, but after having grown up with watching HK chinese serials ( they're kinda like 20 - 50 episode miniserials ) all my life, having to rely on IFC ( Independent Film Channel ) for my need for some Canto-Action is pretty puny.

So, I've been gorging on one of the latest Hong Kong serials ( 20 episodes ) via AZNV.TV ( free streaming, btw, only needing WinAmp ), Trimming Success ( 2006) . I'm up to episode 11 right now, after a marathon over the past 2 days, and although it's pretty hokey and has the same old twists and turns, nothing we haven't seen before, but to me, it's like a breath of fresh air. AND, the serials are in their original language, and subtitled in English for when my Cantonese/Mandarin vocabulary fails me! I hate it when the Cantonese audio in the movies aired over here gets dubbed over, because really, if you know the language, everything is soooo much better in the original language. So much gets lost in translation. For now, I'm in heaven...Yeah!



tulipspeaks said...

hie, was browsing thru n found ur blog. neat piece of work!


Anonymous said...

I prefer the orginal language and subtites for such things as well

Monica said...

I got hooked on some Japanese shows and they had subtitles so it was good for me since I know only English, But now I am upset , the channel is gone!!!!! no more shows! I was even posting on the Message board for it , sniff I miss it!

Julee said...

Is there some type of mail subscription service like Netflix for foreign tv or movies? There must be!

Hannah said...

I'm glad you found a something from home. :-)