Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Feel Good Stuff

Food is so hard to photograph,

but I'm still learning :)

Here's the egg in a nest/egg in a hole/toad in the hole/egg and a half or what else you may call it I made for breakfast today, with a heart shaped cookie cutter. Hard to see the shape in this shot.. :)

We watched The Bucket List yesterday night.. definitely a 2 thumbs up from David and me. I still remember watching Morgan Freeman in the old Electric Company days :) Like, how CAN you go wrong with Morgan Freeman? The man's played God and the President of the United States! :)


sweetspirits said...

Hey Letti
I find that too , well that food is really hard to take good shots.
Sometimes i cook something and think oh that looks awesome , i'll take a few pics geez in the pics it looks like yuck , lol but tastes pretty good hehe.
Your food shots always look awesome , bet it tastes awesome as well :).
I'll have to check out that movie eh.
cheerz gal tcz

Monica said...

The egg looks so yummy!!!

I have to see that movie, I remember Morgan Freeman from the electric company!!!

Stefanio said...

Hi there,

Just spotted the egg and it's making me feel hungry. Over here in the UK (well at least my home) my dad always called that dish an Egyptian Slice (no idea why), and toad-in-the-hole is a large yorksire pudding with sausages in.