Sunday, May 25, 2008


Close Encounters..

So I was making breakfast in the kitchen yesterday when what sounded like some kind of sonic boom exploded overhead... Our place is on the flight path of airplanes flying in and out of Abilene, so it was no big deal to hear airplane rumblings at times. We also have an Air Force Base in town, and so we are also used really loud roars from the jets now and again.. but THIS was ridiculous. I thought "oh, another one of those"... and then it went by again, and again and yet again! This loud loud WHOARGHHHSHHH overhead... And it was driving the dogs crazy.

So I walked outside and saw this crop duster flying back and forth over our property, dusting the field right next to us, flying so low and swooping in over and over, using our property to circle back to the field.

It felt like it was out to get me, like how Cary Grant was being hunted down by the crop duster in the Alfred Hitchcock movie, North by Northwest.

Who knows what kind of herbicide/pesticide/fertilizer fell on us yesterday. Bleh.


taranicole <"3 )~ said...

Ew yuck! Triple shower after THAT one!

Tammi said...

Hey L,
That plane looks waaay too close to your place!Your RIGHT! No telling what kind of stuff you might have been breathing outside.

mama bok said...

Yah..!! we have it here too..!! not happy at all.

makuahine said...

You should put up signs that say "NO FLY ZONE; violators will be prosecuted"!!