Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Baby Update

We had our 16 + week dr's appt today

and we were concerned because I was having a pretty bad cold and not being able to rest well with all the congestion and sinus/face pain. So it was v. reassuring that the doctor agreed that the baby was growing well, as it should be, and we heard a strong heartbeat over the fetal doppler, 161 beats per minute. :)

So I'm now on Claritin D as recommended by the doctor and if I don't feel better by Friday, I will have to call her up again and she may have to start me on something else. Bleh

AND I've been "ordered" to get my flu shot.


McMGrad89 said...

I am sorry you aren't feeling well. I remember those days. One thing the dr. let me take to ward off colds was zinc lozenges. They do work, I just didn't like the way they tasted, but they have come a long way in 10 years. Best wishes.

BTW - We were in your town this past weekend, but I was to busy chasing my three year old around campus to remember to contact you. Maybe next time, because I could use some good food.

mama bok said...

Hope you feel better.. :) like any good mummy.. we are worried first for our baby.. :) but rest assured.. baby will be alright.