Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !

Our Church had a Trunk Party on Thursday

Trunk n' Treat parties seem all the rage.. anyway, we dropped by after Letti Thursday because the church building was just about a block or 2 away.

The crowd lining up towards the cars/trunks

Do you spot Harry Potter?

The Spice Girls

My share of the loot. Pretty sad.

2 Little Cuties ( check out the little chicky's left "gloved" foot )

I wasn't feeling well, so we had Rotisserie Chicken and Stuffed Cheddar Jalapenos from Sam's and I baked some potatoes and made a salad for this week's Letti Thursday.

Happy Halloween, Everyone.

1 comment:

Tammi said...

How fun!!!
I must find me a church that does these things.