Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finally, a clean and organized kitchen

Part of getting ready for Baby

was getting the dogs, Henry and Big Ear, out of the house. Partly because they needed to be in their kennels out of doors, partly because our kitchen was extremely cramped with the 2 dog crates in there. Another major pain in the rear end was that because they slept in their crates indoors at night, they would bring in a day's worth of MAJOR dust into the house, and shake it off all over the kitchen area, and on to the living area.

Which is not good on so many different levels.

So finally, the week before we left for Vegas, the dogs were finally out of the house, secure in their outdoor facilities, and I could embark on the massive task of reclaiming my kitchen. In fact, because of the dog crates, there were parts of the kitchen floor that I hadn't seen and cabinets ( that had been obscured/blocked by the crates ) that I hadn't been able to get things out of, in years!

When we came back from Vegas, I started the task of slowly cleaning the kitchen, corner by corner, cabinet by cabinet, bit by bit, getting all the dust ( that is sooo insidious and EVERYWHERE ) and grime off of everything, and reorganizing the cabinets. Of course the first thing I did was break down the 2 dog crates and had David cart them off into the shed.

Yesterday, I cleaned out the last of the cabinets, and I have to say, it is such a wonderful feeling to not have to grouse/worry about dog dust or the helpless feeling of knowing that even if you cleaned stuff up, they'd only get dirty/dusty again the next day.


Now I have to muster up the energy to go on to cleaning up the living room. ( which will be no easy task, believe me - there's a whole different story attached to why it needs cleaning up so badly )


Oh well....slow and steady wins the race. I have to be realistic and know that I can't do this overnight. It may take me a several weeks or even several months, but I WILL HAVE A CLEAN HOUSE before the baby arrives :)


syukur said...

hey employ a maid....future HOT MAMA needs to rest for the precioussss...ha ha

cariso said...

Hey, Lettie! You are tagged ! Kindly visit my latest post for the tag! :)

Applied Christianity said...

I'm sure you will get there before April, but even if you don't it won't be too dreadful. :)

Asianmommy said...

What a great feeling to have a clean house. We did a lot of reorganizing and clean up when we were getting ready for our relatives to come stay with us over Thanksgiving. Gave us a good excuse to finally get some work done.