Friday, December 05, 2008

T'is the Season for..

Christmas Parades and Lighting of Christmas Trees

After Taco Tuesday this week, David and I went for a "cheap date" downtown to see the Christmas Parade and then on to the Civic Center where the there was orchestral music and "live rhythm and bluesiness" followed by the "Official Tree Lighting" by the mayor of Abilene.

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teddY said...

I always admire the community spirit in the US - regardless whether is it a festive season or not ;) Asian societies should really learn how to coexist more peacefully and learn how to share. Christmas is a very personal thing here - people usually have small parties or barbeques and that's all. I wish that we have parades and tree-lighting ceremonies here, heh.

Have a great Christmas holiday! Nice photos from the parade as well. Somehow it reminds me of how nice is it to go outside when it's nighttime and it's snowing so gently :)