Monday, March 30, 2009

And Baby Makes Three

Okay, so it was supposed to be ...

a routine doctor's visit.

We had known for a few weeks now, that the baby was breech, and that although he might go ahead and turn before delivery, it was highly unlikely that he would. So we went ahead and scheduled a C-section for April 2nd.

Today we came for our weekly appointment with our OGBYN, and found out that he was still breech, and on top of that, my blood pressure was high, with protein in my urine. They monitored me for about 20 minutes, during which it remained consistently high, and my doctor was not comfortable with that.

ANYWAY, to make a long story short, baby Jackson was delivered today via C-Section, at 4.53pm, weighing 7lbs 9oz, and measuring 19 inches in length.

I don't have any pictures at the moment, coz David has it in a different camera/camcorder and his aunts and cousins etc have pictures in THEIR cameras etc, but I will post pictures once I get some :).

Right now I'm in the hospital in the post-natal ward, recovering from the surgery while they're cleaning baby up and like that..

I think I'm still on some adrenaline rush, but will definitely blog more perhaps tomorrow, and put up photos and the like.

For now, I think I need some shut eye :)

Momma, baby, AND papa ( who had to see things in the operating room he would never have volunteered to see in a gazillion years ) are doing well.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Last Letti Thursday for a while

I haven't been posting much

about what I've been making for Letti Thursday, mainly because it's mostly hum drum stuff, what with my massive bulk impeding me from being too ambitious in making a big meal for da boyz.

Anyway, seeing how last Thursday might very well be the last Letti Thursday for a while ( and that the boys have been trying to get me to "rest" so they can take me out, for the last 6 months already - yes, I can be quite stubborn at times, but mainly I was trying to be frugal - paying for 4 people to eat out each week can be a killer! ) , I "allowed" David to bring us out to eat instead.

And of course, where else would we go but a Chinese Buffet place. LOL. It was really good.

I've gotten more and more tired as we approach these last weeks, and need to get off my feet a lot, so it was nice for a change.

Monday, March 23, 2009

All my Bags are Packed.... ( 37 weeks & 3 days )

I finally got around to packing ..

my hospital bag and the baby's diaper bag, as part of getting ready for the big day... will have to get David's bag ready in the next couple of days.

I think I should be covered for the stay.. otherwise, david will just have to go out and get me supplies :)

Oh, and here's Junior's super cool Asian Motif Diaper Bag. heheh :)

Hopefully, when the time comes, david and I will be calm enough to go through the paces. We see the doctor again on Tuesday and will drop by "The Birthplace at Hendrick Medical Center" where we are pre-registered, for a "dry run" :)

Meanwhile, here's the episode of "I Love Lucy" where HER bags are packed, and ready to dash off to the hospital because apparently, "the baby is due any minute" .. and of course hilarity ensues. Hehe.... it just seems so probable, like with the sketch, that David will be so overwhelmed and anxious that I'll be the one waddling in and he'll be the one in the wheel chair and fainting all over the place :)

"I Love Lucy" - Lucy Goes to the Hospital Part 1

"I Love Lucy" - Lucy Goes to the Hospital Part 2

"I Love Lucy" - Lucy Goes to the Hospital Part 3

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Max's Half Birthday

Stephanie brought cupcakes

and we celebrated Max's half-birthday at Taco Tuesday. Has it been 6 months already? Being the big boy that he is, he's going to have to show Junior the ropes when Junior gets here :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

36 weeks and 4 days

Any day now...

In 3 days, Junior will officially be term, after which, he is more than welcome to make an appearance between then and 40 weeks. Meanwhile, as Junior won't have his own room as yet ( we're still working on it and we are terribly middle class , and live in a double wide after all! ... so, nothing fancy.), he'll be bunking in with mummy and daddy in THEIR room, at the foot of their bed, complete with his little end of the room that will hold all of his stuff.

We finally assembled the Graco Pack N Play and it just makes it seem so much more real to see it sitting there.

Next, David is going to sand down and repaint this little shelf we had gotten at an estate sale last year for Junior's stuff, along with some plastic 3 tier drawers.. ( He has a full sized dresser in the room that will be his, when we finally get to it, so this is all pretty much temporary )

No crib , just a pack n play :)

Thank you Tara, for the lovely mobile!

A pixelated daddy with baby's cowboy boots

My sister and I had a similar humpty when we were growing up!
The pack n play comes with a changing table, so that's neat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Baby Shower

Can you believe I am going to be 36 weeks in a couple of days?

I think both David and I are ready for Junior to be here, and can't wait to see him face to face and hold him, BUT we also want him to be fully ready before he makes his appearance.

Anyhow, earlier this week, Junior's Wilson cousins hosted a baby shower for him at Stephanie's home, and it was just wonderful. They had made an announcement in the church bulletin and sent out invitations, but I was still in awe and overwhelmed by the amount of people that made it to the shower. I was seriously touched.

Laura, a close friend of the Wilson girls, made this absolutely DARLING cake for the shower, complete with a little doggie that looks like Henry!

David got a vase and flowers and made this amazing arrangement himself, making the women totally melt, going "oooh" and "awwwwww"

Sabrina making a delightful "baby bath" punch concoction with blue fruit juice, 7 up and ice cream!

Elizabeth putting on the finishing touches :)

Aw, gifts for Junior ( man, he's being spoilt already!)

A lovely diaper cake from Hilda, and we can all see where a bunch of that pregnancy weight has gone..
makes me look like I have the michelin man's face!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Too Close of a Call

But hey, I got a byline out of it. LOL

Our area has been having a bad drought with unseasonably high temperatures, causing a host of grass fires that have sprung up all around us.

The latest fire in our area yesterday was behind our home, separated from us only by a field, which thankfully, had been ploughed and acted as a barrier to the fire from spreading our way and into our backyard.

David and I went to have a look, and we took the picture that is on the website ( oo we're I-reporters! ), and which later appeared on 2 news stations! Thank God the fire was contained and no one was hurt. But that was TOO CLOSE of a call

News Clip below taken from the website, with the photograph taken by us, although they didn't say so on the website.. bleh.. David called them up and said "er, what the hey".. :)

Reported by: Laura Kellerman

Tuesday, Mar 3, 2009 @03:23pm CST

 Firefighters from Hamby and Clyde are fighting a fire off County Road 100 in Callahan County.

The Texas Forest Service assisted with three dozers, a helicopter and other air support.

At last report, the fire was 75 percent contained with 30 acres burned.

No homes were lost but several structures were threatened at one point.

Here's a link to this morning's webcast that has a little clip that used our photo ( about a minute into the webcast )

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Dittos for Kiddos

Can it get any crazier??

There was a huge consignment sale held by some folks from our church, called Dittos for Kiddos, which is a semi annual event here in Abilene over the weekend. They had a midnight madness event on Thursday night, from 9 pm till midnight, and us being first timers, thought we would go take a look. It's basically a "gently used" children's goods sale where parents can bring their used stuff to sell at bargain prices ( for us ) ... a kind of "green event" of sorts, while helping a bunch of other parents save a bunch of money.

We got there about 10 minutes before 9, and there were already about 200 people ahead of us in line ( I kid you not ), waiting for the doors to open. By the time we got to the doors, there were another 200 people ( at least ) behind us in line. A bunch of "veterans" to the sale had brought along laundry baskets and little grocery buggies to put their stuff in, and David and I looked at each other, like, "What were we THINKING??"

The real pandemonium didn't start till we actually got IN the place. The lines to check out started almost immediately, and snaked their way all around the tables and after we looked around in bewilderment and got a few things, David and I decided that we were NOT going to stand in line for the hour and a half it would take for us to make it to the cashier, and so we got a couple of chairs and SAT and talked while the crowd VERY SLOWLY thinned and the line FINALLY tapered down to a few people. Besides, I am 34 weeks, and huge and heavy and it would have been really onerous to have had to stand all the time in line. If we had started out standing in line when we were wanting to leave, we would have reached the register at the same time as if we had just sat it out. We actually watched several people stand in line for over an hour, while we sheepishly sat at the side. We finally got out of there about 5 minutes before midnight. Which was a good thing, cos I was getting HUNGRY.

One might wonder if the stuff we got was actually WORTH waiting that long? Maybe not, but hey, one has to savour every experience one gets with all this baby stuff, right? :)

Afterthought : They should have had a line for OBVIOUSLY PREGNANT people. Or something :)