Monday, June 13, 2011

Letti Thursday

Simply Simple Meals

Sometimes I get super lazy and go for the easy fast route of making a meal, and serve stuff out of a can or a box.

I was just remembering with L. David the other day that back in Malaysia, we always ate fresh leafy greens and I don't think I ever saw any kind of vegetables in a can, unless it preserved in some form or fashion. ( One exception is probably the button mushrooms which I loved and still love ) Which was why when I got here and saw BEAN SPROUTS IN A CAN, I almost gagged.

BUT there is no getting around the fact that sometimes canned corn, mushrooms and beans help to make a harried housewife/cook's burden quite a bit less.

Italian Style Green Beans


I am so used to having at least one vegetable dish, a protein dish and a carbohydrate dish ( rice ) back home in Malaysia that I still do that here.

Our protein dish for the night was Baked Seasoned Chicken, which came seasoned from the refrigerated section of H.E.B. and at $1/lb, it was very affordable.


Rice isn't exactly the staple here, so we had Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes instead.



edina monsoon said...

You're a GREAT cook:) I can only dream on making this. I was full...until I saw these pictures. YUm....time for lunch maybe

letti said...

Thanks :) It helps that the supermarkets are full of stuff to help one "cheat". :