Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some say "Splash Pad", some say "SprayGround"

But to Jaxon, the water feature that has just opened over at Nelson Park ( dubbed Nelson Splash ), is just fun fun fun!


We were on our way home from Sabrina, Holly & Tyler's joint birthday party, and thought we'd stop by the park to have a look at the splash pad.


Of course, once the little boy caught sight of it, there was no way we could just turn around and LEAVE :)


I always keep a change of the little boy's clothes in the car, and so we took off his shirt and let him loose :P


It was evening when we got there, just a little over 8 pm, I think, and there was a glorious sunset in the background. It was still warm enough to splash in the cool water without getting too cold either.


I mean, just look at that face! :)



I know we'll be back several more times before the summer is over, for sure :)


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