Thursday, February 28, 2013

As if I was not outnumbered enough,

Here's our 2 newest Woods boys

Jasper ( Bouvier de Flandres ) 7+ weeks
Jessie ( Coton de Tulear ) 14 weeks

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A Fresh Option

Our trusty "Taste of Asia" which served authentic Southeast Asian food has closed down since the beginning of the year.  It had threatened to close down many times, mostly because it didn't serve "Americanized" Asian food, but instead, the Cambodian owners had stayed true to the dishes I knew from the region. And so, in a town like Abilene, their regular customers were pretty limited, I'm sure.  It seems like even the world-cuisine-savvy customers from Dyess airforce base were not enough. :(

So we decided to try Sunrise restaurant, a fairly new Asian Restaurant in town.  Ecko's Restaurant had closed and the new owners had opened Sunrise in its place.  Cindy had suggested we try it, and the hubs had read all kinds of rave reviews online about it, and so we thought, why not.

 photo 6c2c33f7-f4a3-4e4b-801d-2f82c4c231cd_zps7fc3b287.jpg

The decor was somewhat the same as what we remembered from years ago, but brighter and airier.  The staff was super nice and helpful, the food was good, and the price was right.

 photo P2220769_zpsef04124a.jpg

Our waiter came out near the end of our meal and holds out this "off-the-menu menu", which was basically actual China-style Chinese food, like steamed WHOLE FISH and leafy green vegetables and what not.  In other words, comfort food for someone like me.  It was really nice that they would "look out for their own"

 photo P2220766_zps0f993700.jpg

The hubs and Cindy both thought that this would definitely be a go-to option from now on. :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Love makes the world go round

I received a bunch of valentine cards from both of my sweet darling boys, but this one was extra special because the little boy made if all by himself, without any prompting or help from daddy :)

 photo 288650da-e360-4515-b509-83fc36c4400b_zps89292e87.jpg

Can you spot the "I ♡  you MOM?" :)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quality Control ... FAIL

So we're walking around Dollar Tree, and I'm going through the aisles where there would be things that I could use with Jaxon... and I am suddenly struck by a "What is wrong with this picture" feeling.

 photo 055d6d20-e022-46e1-872c-3b6500a6feb2_zps32f6df35.jpg

Upon closer inspection, I see that the colors in the paint palettes are just mainly brown and bleh.

 photo 5d737acf-1b72-4e87-9cb6-05a31534466e_zps82e20e56.jpg


Although I often go to the Dollar Tree for a bunch of stuff, I am also reminded of one of my mom's famous sayings...

"Good things no cheap, Cheap things no good"

Heh :) I mean, seriously, people. How could you even put those out to sell? *sigh again*

Monday, February 18, 2013


Here's what greeted me when I turned on the tablet the other day.

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someone had been googling JaxonMomDad, and it wasn't mom OR dad :)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

I haven't celebrated CNY since I came to the states, besides the one year where we joined the international students at Susan Green's house, way before the little boy was born.

This year, though, we went to TWO different celebrations!

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Firstly, we went by the Old Jail Art Center over in Albany, the next town over to join in their 4th Annual Lunar New Year Family Festival.

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We were a little late, but were greeted by sounds of drumming from a troupe that had been invited over from Dallas.  The hubs and I enjoyed it, but but as usual, the little boy thought it was a tad too loud :)

 photo 3_zpsa0ee5446.jpg

I caught sight of some brothers who had colorful snakes painted on their faces, who were enjoying the drum performance with their mom..

 photo 4_zpsdb99b214.jpg

During the drummers' break, the crowd moved into the building to the exhibition/craft area for more CNY fun...

 photo 5_zps08910e87.jpg

There as a long lantern-dragon hanging from the ceiling, looking down at the various craft stations and the "refreshment area",

 photo 6_zpsa2f9fc61.jpg

and the little boy had fun going from station to station, coloring, scratching and gluing...

  photo 7_zps992b05bd.jpg

After a while, we got a few fortune cookies and tangerines and ate our little treats while watching Chinese Acrobats do their thing on the TV monitor...

 photo 7a_zpsbeb09cbb.jpg

When we had had "enough" of the CNY part, we wandered off to find the hubs to check out the rest of the art center/museum.  They had an "Asian Collection" exhibition, and featured work from the artist Kana Harada

  photo 7b_zps909f5909.jpg

We had another CNY activity to get to that evening, and so we hopped into our car and were driving off when we saw THIS! A Dragon Pinata!

 photo 8_zps1cd987b2.jpg

We went around to a couple of local sights, and when we passed by the pinata again on the way home, the pinata bashing was in full swing ( er, pun not really intended ), and the kids looked like they were having a blast.

 photo 9_zpsb0bbb2b8.jpg

Of course, when the little boy spies any playground structure, it is hard to say no.  We had a little time to spare, so we stopped by the little park thingy for a few minutes so that the little boy could get some of that toddler energy out.

 photo 10_zps5dc0021e.jpg

My boys....

 photo 11_zps319cfbf8.jpg

We stopped by the house for a few minutes to let Henry the dog out and like that, and then were out again to the Chinese New Year dinner organized by the ACU CSSA at the multipurpose room at University Church.

 photo 12_zpsc9032797.jpg

We met up with and sat with Cindy there,

  photo 13_zps35401a90.jpg

as well as Xia Yu and her husband, and a few other friends..

 photo 14_zpsd196442d.jpg

I don't think I have been in room with this many Asian faces in a LONG time :)

 photo 15_zps1205fbe0.jpg

There were several student presentations, and massive amounts of yummy chinese food.

 photo 16_zpse52e4ebe.jpg

It was nice to be able to expose the little boy to some of the other side of his cultural make up, but I am still unable to convince him fully that his mummy is in fact, Chinese. :)

Here's wishing everyone a healthy happy and blessed year of the snake :)

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year, Y'all :)

Here's to the Hubs and my brother, both who were born in the year of the snake.. myspace graphic comments

Monday, February 04, 2013


Max is 6 months older than you are, and at first, those 6 months were a wide wide gap developmental-wise, but now, you seem more like contemporaries.  You love playing with Max, and look forward to Taco Tuesdays, when you guys can romp and play a little bit :)

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Friday, February 01, 2013

Can't think of a Title....

My boys, and the little boy loving on his daddy :)


HEB Stickers are fun fun fun :)



My shimmering Twilight boy :)