Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Fresh Option

Our trusty "Taste of Asia" which served authentic Southeast Asian food has closed down since the beginning of the year.  It had threatened to close down many times, mostly because it didn't serve "Americanized" Asian food, but instead, the Cambodian owners had stayed true to the dishes I knew from the region. And so, in a town like Abilene, their regular customers were pretty limited, I'm sure.  It seems like even the world-cuisine-savvy customers from Dyess airforce base were not enough. :(

So we decided to try Sunrise restaurant, a fairly new Asian Restaurant in town.  Ecko's Restaurant had closed and the new owners had opened Sunrise in its place.  Cindy had suggested we try it, and the hubs had read all kinds of rave reviews online about it, and so we thought, why not.

 photo 6c2c33f7-f4a3-4e4b-801d-2f82c4c231cd_zps7fc3b287.jpg

The decor was somewhat the same as what we remembered from years ago, but brighter and airier.  The staff was super nice and helpful, the food was good, and the price was right.

 photo P2220769_zpsef04124a.jpg

Our waiter came out near the end of our meal and holds out this "off-the-menu menu", which was basically actual China-style Chinese food, like steamed WHOLE FISH and leafy green vegetables and what not.  In other words, comfort food for someone like me.  It was really nice that they would "look out for their own"

 photo P2220766_zps0f993700.jpg

The hubs and Cindy both thought that this would definitely be a go-to option from now on. :)

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