Monday, April 01, 2013

Spring has Sprung

As usual, I have a bunch of photos/events that need to be posted, but which has been pushed off till later...

At least these ones aren't THAT late, seeing how spring has er, just gotten here. :) Some of the weeds do actually have pretty flowers, and along with flowers, come all manner of insects..

 photo DSC_0859_zps87e7d37b.jpg

 photo P3210990_zps88bbfff3.jpg

 photo DSC_0844_zpse2c0da05.jpg

Of course, inquisitive little boys who have recently received a Dollar Tree magnifying glass, love to explore just these very things :)

 photo Jaxons-Blog1_zpsc588b742.jpg

 photo 9135a98e-7d3e-453f-a3e6-4f12123595be_zps0652f23c.jpg

As the weather grows warmer ( it seems like "warmer before its time" is more like it ), it is more pleasant to go on our evening walks, and the little boy is getting more and more comfortable with handling the dogs.  Henry, who is not well, is the most docile of the lot, and makes good handling practice :)  In fact, the little boy insists on walking the dogs each time, and he is getting better at this responsibility :)

 photo P3210993_zpsfe623a79.jpg

 photo 22e5a6f2-e111-4934-a837-d7a7b0d9e88e_zps5f996be8.jpg

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your IS said...

Henry!!!!!!! why is he unwell? :( he's very big now isn't it?