Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Water Works

The pipes for the place were already laid down way before we moved in to the land, by the family that owned it before.  We don't really have an idea of exactly how old those pipes are, but they have been problematic.  We've had a number of leaks in the past years, and our water provider coop guy has been good enough to adjust the bill on a few occasions, and we've had guys come and fix the isolated leaks.

Earlier last month, it sprung a leak again, and the monthly bills were preposterous. This time, however, we had had enough, and went ahead and changed out everything, from the road all the way to the house. Now, that's a long long distance, but it was money that needed to be spent.

We had the guys ( recommended by the water co. guy ) come out, dig a long trench and lay down the new pipe..

  photo P5061898_zps72a8b78b.jpg

 photo IMG_20130506_145920_806_zps5b5cbd75.jpg

  photo IMG_20130506_145859_853_zps731c756e.jpg

 photo IMG_20130506_145945_682_zps6cfc4157.jpg

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