Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Respite from the Blistering Heat

It was as if we had been somehow teleported to Brigadoon or something.  A few days ago, it started raining and didn't stop till this morning.  We hardly saw the sun at all, until today, and the weather was cool.

It had been in the 100 F s for a while now, and it was starting to just get everyone and everything down, it was so searing.  Imagine my delight when it didn't get above 67 F one day :)

Of course, tomorrow we are going back into the 90s, and everything is already starting to dry out, but it was good while it lasted :)  It was crazy rain, but we sure appreciated the 4 1/2 inches that we got over the few days.

 photo 1d08a701-767c-4bd6-9f3f-e42faf89806a_zps43e015de.jpg

 photo Fullscreencapture718201351931PMbmp_zpsde7f4126.jpg

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