Tuesday, July 09, 2013

"But we didn't get to go to the sunset today!"

That was the little boy's woeful cry when we came home late tonight after running a few errands and eating out.

 photo 8086b768-a4f2-4944-bc10-d41fe4d28600_zpsbf4a0128.jpg

He has come to expect our nightly ( seems weird to say "nightly" since it remains light till past 9 pm ), short walks to the sunset with Henry, and to say goodnight to the sun.

 photo d3b63f5d-d68f-4bbc-963f-8f488512d69b_zpsebfdbf21.jpg

It was much easier to do so during the winter and spring months, but now that we are in the throes of summer, it is a little bit more difficult to muster up enthusiasm to go out into the 100 degree weather.

  photo Fullscreencapture792013105801PMbmp_zpsbb17c178.jpg

Granted, by the time we go, at about 7:30 pm, it might have gone down a few degrees to perhaps 90 F, but still.


Blondie said...

Hello, old friend. Blogging has changed very much in the time since we last met. Love to you! (Formerly Shanna-isms)

letti said...

Thanks for dropping by!!! It HAS been forever. Hope you are doing excellent :)