Friday, August 16, 2013

What do you do when...

it is summertime and you have a little boy who loves running through the sprinklers but comes running to YOU every 45 seconds because he needs to wipe the water off his eyes, on your shirt???

 photo 75079897-5dfb-4a4b-b96f-53ac20e3ff6c_zpsa6deb536.jpg

Get him some goggles, of course :)

 photo 89db8652-d757-45b6-8934-a519a6f7523f_zpsb2c4d70c.jpg

Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's the lesson that counts, right?

Jaxon and I read Ruth Krauss' The Carrot Seed for "school", and one of the activities we did together was plant a bunch of carrot seeds.  :)

It was meant much more to be a learning experience, rather than the grow huge carrots, and so a few months later, we had our first little harvest of er, mini carrots :)

 photo 0a220104-e3bd-48d1-89af-355eff6386e0_zpsa48c87dd.jpg

 photo 28ff180e-6fa0-4447-a31f-d1085c5ddb6b_zps1ae843d9.jpg

 photo f94dd77d-1f8e-4de4-b47b-b5eccfaf98c6_zps93677405.jpg

 photo 5fd22fda-92c6-4577-a77a-d4d8ef5a9636_zps322608df.jpg

 photo cd75ce4d-7ace-4c4e-82d4-256bd1e1fd22_zpse7142e31.jpg

 photo acb8b11b-9838-4c51-9e3b-00a6f9793824_zps27ef9c7f.jpg

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cindy's Home!

Just because I'm a laggard blogger doesn't mean I won't get to it.. eventually :)

Cindy's home from Africa, and has been, for about 2 weeks.  

 photo abe3ecb8-395a-4504-abf3-82ab2d0d7062_zps322efdc2.jpg

She had to come home early this time, and we are thankful to have her back safe and sound, and the little boy is definitely glad to have his Cindy home :)

 photo P7272774_zpsee8ee089.jpg