Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Anniversary Mammo and Daddo

Last weekend, Judith and Jim celebrated 50 years of marriage. How wonderful is that?!

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It was great to see family members whom we only see at Christmas or Thanksgiving, and it was awesome to have Jaxon's cousins Allen and Anastasia there.

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There was even a new acquaintance who shared the little boy's name ( albeit with just one minor spelling difference )
 photo 82bd3836-b437-4645-8942-17322f3788bc_zps8bc28aa2.jpg

We met up at Belle's Chicken, which was cozy and rustic. And the food was great!

 photo aaed4475-51a5-41f0-82ee-5a6e15bf92f2_zps8836fdb3.jpg

At one point, the waitresses even roped the little boys to join them for a little bit of a funky chicken dance :)

 photo 87211976-025a-422b-b52d-55c04dc0306a_zpsebd46c81.jpg

As little boys tend to be, Jaxon got a little restless after lunch and decided to go exploring. Allen was really sweet to look out for him and bring him out to explore.

 photo 45b77dcf-fc9c-4851-b9e7-859302ad2fe2_zpsde4e1d05.jpg

 photo 2cb67f3b-3383-40da-bb5e-02c3bf333c49_zpsd9088ced.jpg

It was a great time spent with family, with lots and lots of love.

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