Monday, December 30, 2013

( A ) Pie(s) for the Season

My mom loves (rummy) fruitcake, especially in the holiday season, I suppose.

 photo P1010625_zpsb44241b2.jpg

The hubs, in a similar vein, enjoys mincemeat pie this time of the year.  I didn't have enough fridge space for a pie to sit and be eaten over time, so I made several mini pies in a muffin tin so that they could be stored/frozen for future consumption.

 photo P1010622_zps5ba08733.jpg

I usually use the Nonesuch ( !!?? ) brand condensed pie filling and ready-made crust. 

  photo c58c0ada-925b-42ee-acdb-9e4fd889aea5_zps58e3fa81.jpg

That's the Sandra Lee semi homemade style of cooking that suits me fine :)

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