Monday, December 09, 2013

Today's Weather..

Last week we had Arctic weather with freezing rain, snow, sleet... with had us pretty much holed up at home, avoiding icy roads and frozen body bits. ( Although, I didn't manage to avoid slipping on the steps and having a huge purple bruise on my bottom, which wasn't so much fun.  We are thankful, though, that "we" didn't break anything... )

Today, I woke up to a Brigadoonish effect... The Freezing Fog...

 photo 6987a856-f824-4f51-9973-ee5c3fb27975_zpsaf093be5.jpg

 photo ed59e897-9230-4ed7-b112-8789230cbc37_zps0bf5366a.jpg

 photo 0264051e-7355-4500-a549-cdeb0d2e401f_zps3982bb7d.jpg

which still deposits ice on the steps insidiously.

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