Thursday, May 01, 2014

Easter 2014 Part One

Very much overdue, but here it is.

We wanted to little boy to experience an Easter egg hunt with other children, the way his daddy remembers them.  So, when we saw that AbileneMoms were having a hunt in the park, we signed on for the hunt and potluck lunch. :)

The little boy got super excited when he saw the eggs that were laid out on the ground, and insisted on doing the rounds and checking them out.

 photo Blog_zpsb4d5e552.jpg

When it came time to line up for he hunt, he was seriously stoked.

 photo Blog2_zps259dd4f2.jpg

Of course, one can only do the hunt with one's beloved Angry Birds basket, aye?

 photo Blog1_zps27bb6024.jpg

For him, it is so much  more the "thrill of the hunt" rather than the spoils or loot - I mean, they are a welcome prize,  but he was not dwelling on it. .... nor did he dwell on lunch...

  photo Blog3_zps9340743b.jpg

...because what little 5 year old can think about food when we are at a PLAYGROUND/PARK???

 photo Blog4_zps92a18a34.jpg

I "excused" him from the lunch bench so that he could go wild with the other kids ( one of the schools was having a field trip of some sort ) on the playground equipment.

 photo Blog5_zps8fcd64fb.jpg

 photo Blog6_zps9040b841.jpg

We "homeschool" and so any opportunity for the little boy to interact with other kids close to his age is always a plus.  He loves making friends and introducing himself, and learns about taking turns and patience and whatnot.  :)

Part Deux coming up soon. Hopefully tonight.

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