Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Such is the life when one lives out in the country.

I was getting the little boy into the car one morning, and seat-belting him in, when I happened to glance in the direction of the truck.

 photo P8230018_zps0339f93b.jpg

I had a "what is wrong with this picture" moment, and then I realised I was looking at a snake.  On our truck's back tyre. ( YES, I SPELL IT AS TYRE ).

 photo P8230019_zpsabbb3920.jpg

We've seen our share of snakes out here, as well as their shedded skin, but usually they're on the ground or in a hole.

 photo P8230018-001_zps37ba11a6.jpg

THIS one, apparently, was having breakfast.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

THIS, I want.

Walking on the treadmill can get pretty ... monotonous .. after a while.  And I NEED to walk for health, for weight, w/ever.

So, to make things less onerous, I have been watching / catching up on movies/tv shows on my tablet as I walk.  I've pretty much caught up on a  bunch of series(es) ?? and am now working on some movies.

So, for the last week I've been watching The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey, and The Desolation of Smaug, in 30 minute installments, more or less.


 photo Camisetas_20TAURIEL_20KILI_original_zps428d93b9.jpg

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Agony and Ecstasy Part II

The next day after the horrific storm, we were downtown again ( the hubs said "it feels way toooo soon to be back here" ) and you could see where the hailstones had literally made their marks on the road.

 photo Current-Folder10_zpscc3742fd.jpg

The CALF festivities were still in full swing and so we joined in some of the fun

 photo Current-Folder15_zpscc3ceb06.jpg

 photo Current-Folder11_zpsca0558df.jpg

and walked around Everman Park for a bit.

 photo Current-Folder12_zps391c1b7b.jpg

 photo Current-Folder13_zps6414b5ab.jpg

 photo Current-Folder14_zpsa409dac3.jpg

Monday, August 04, 2014

Agony and Ecstasy Part I

I'm finally getting to blogging this, after almost 2 months.

We go to the library once a week to pick up books for both school and bedtime, as well as DVDs.

So, when when the annual Children's Art and Literacy Fest ( CALF ) came along, we were prtty excited.  Or at least I was.  This year, they were celebrating William Joyce, and so, one fateful Thursday, we went downtown for Artwalk and the parade that Mr. Joyce and his characters would be in.

 photo Current-Folder_zps7783c79d.jpg

 photo Current-Folder2_zpsaedc2a93.jpg

Can you spot the little boy, the hubs and myself in the pic above, from the library's Instagram feed?

  photo Current-Folder1_zpse6cb8c95.jpg

  photo Current-Folder3_zps8317ac3b.jpg

 photo Current-Folder4_zpsb8054d12.jpg

  photo Current-Folder6_zps2904e10a.jpg

 photo Current-Folder5_zps1da5d299.jpg

It was all going well until the dark clouds started rolling in.  And I mean, ROLLING.  At some point, it looked like a scene from the movies where you know in the next minute, a TORNADO was gonna come descending upon your pointy head.

 photo Current-Folder7_zps8241bf55.jpg

Well, you can't tell from these photos, but the crowd started to just scatter in all directions.  We had to make a snap decision as to whether to find cover, or run to our car and risk getting sucked up and deposited in a different county.  Having a 5 year old with you definitely makes you go the safest route. :)

 photo Current-Folder8_zps4f7e8336.jpg

We decided to head for the library, which had a basement.  A lot of other people had the same idea, and soon there was a little community of us packed in the library to get out of the storm.

And boy, did the heavens open up on us.  It would have been fire and brimstone in biblical times, but what came down was BASEBALL sized hail, with a velocity that was just breathtaking.

See the shattered glass of the battered cars and what looks like a machine gun firing down from above?

There were people who were trapped outside the library, with anything they could find held out in front of them to shield them against the bone shattering projectiles hailing down on them.  Luckily we had librarians who were really aware and quickly opened the side door to usher them in to safety.

As we watched the tree limbs come crashing down and cars getting totaled right in front of our very eyes through the glass windows of the library, I tried to keep calm and not freak out, thinking about our car that was parked a block away.

Just an example of what crazy sizes it got up to...

photos taken off of twitter HERE

and HERE

( We later found out that downtown got the brunt of the storm. *sigh* I know, right? )

Long story short, THIS was only a small part of what happened to our car.

 photo Current-Folder9_zpsbbe404fc.jpg

Praise the Lord that our home was spared any damage, unlike a lot of folks who had damage to their vehicles AND their homes.

We were lucky to have insurance on our car, and our windshield and this quarter glass thingy have since been replaced, but the rest of our car is still badly pock marked.  The car dealerships and body shops are so backed up, our appointment for mid August has now been pushed back even farther, to a yet undetermined date.

One of the estimates on the collective damage done on this fateful day was $400 million.

...to be continued...

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Instagram killed the Bloggosphere Star

 photo images_zps543198ee.jpg
Well, not exactly, but I have to admit that it has done some damage to my blogging  mojo.
Sometimes it is so much easier to just take a photo on the phone ( GASP! ) and just play around with it and hit GO on Instagram.

BUT I feel the need to do it more diligently, old school, blogger-style, and be more up to date on the current state of affairs as far as my life is concerned.

SOOOO, I suppose I will start by blogging about something that happened yesterday.
 photo stock-vector-woman-typing-madly-retro-clipart-illustration-112283756_zpsc4711a65.jpg
For the first time ever, I led a group of ladies for bible study.  ME!I KNOW!

The ladies around the table were way more knowledgeable than I ever could be, and so, I was quite nervous.  At the end of the class, my stomach was hurting from nerves, but I think I did pretty well, thank God! :)

What did we study? Abigail.  I  mean, this woman was a complete package.  Made me feel like such a terrible wife, but I guess that's why we study these ladies.  So that we will strive to better ourselves and our relationships.  :)