Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween Part 2

The next day, there were yet more Halloween/Fall festivals in town. We understand that there may not be that many more "wide eyed wonder" years of Halloween left for the little boy, and so while he still finds so much glee in it, we thought we would do our best. :)
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On this day, he decided he wanted to be a cowboy. So, we dressed him up in the shirt he wore to church, slapped on a pair of shorts ( warm weather, hoy ), a dollar vest from Dollar Tree, Mommy's bandanna and Daddy's straw hat.
 photo 22_zpsfbe91bcf.jpg
The 3 churches downtown were having a joint celebration, so that's where we headed first. Jaxon is quite familiar with that part of town because of going to the library every week.

 photo 24_zpsb45454d5.jpg
It made me happy when the ladies/men complimented him on his costume, and he would look so proud :)
 photo 21_zps5df4293b.jpg
There were hot dogs and popcorn and even snow cones!
 photo 23_zps2ef66fff.jpg
Yes, he still stuffs popcorn into his mouth a handful at a time, like a little boy would, and then laughs that he did it. :)
 photo 26_zpsdb8bbd10.jpg
Even though the thrill of getting candy was very much a part of the experience, the little boy isn't really a big candy eater.
 photo 25_zps5b1e75f3.jpg
I put away all the candy after we got home, and he hasn't asked for any of them, and it has been about 3 weeks now! Usually I'm the one who sneaks one or two pieces of candy here or there *BLEH*

Then it was off to Trinity Baptist for the next round of games and trick o' treating.
 photo 27_zps0767f4c5.jpg
As usual, the little boy was way more interested in the playground than Halloweening :)
 photo 28_zpsf446b9bc.jpg

to be continued....

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