Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halloween Part 4

I promise, I am ALMOST done with the Halloween posts. This one would be the next to last. *sigh*

If reading all about it is making you tired, imagine LIVING it.

This would be the evening BEFORE Halloween, actually.  The main event, as it were, was Trunk or Treat at Hillcrest.  I remember the days when this was the ONLY event we went to.

Read HERE,and HERE

On this occasion, the little boy wanted to be a KNIGHT.  Oh yeah, back to the old trusty stash of dress-up odds and ends from Dollar Tree.

 photo 36_zpscb1041d4.jpg
 photo 284672f4-116d-4208-bd8f-407a9b2ea514_zps2d82bb5a.jpg
As usual, there were fun and games inside the Multi Purpose Room
  photo 38_zps5c433e3d.jpg
 photo 37_zpsee93571e.jpg
and we even won a couple of cupcakes from the Cake Walk event.
 photo 39_zps7d58ba49.jpg
I had never seen them pile the haystacks up so high for the photo op area before, but the little boy shimmied right up there while I had my heart in my throat.

Afterwards, we went back outside and got on a hayride around the church compound.

We then went on to Baker Heights Church for THEIR trunk or treat.

  photo 42_zpsa387440e.jpg

to be continued ....

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