Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Fall is such a beautiful and special time, I am almost reluctant for winter to be here...
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A little over 3 weeks ago, we went by the Disability Resources Inc. for our annual "romp" in the Pumpkin Patch and photo op session.
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The little boy is so much stronger this year, and was able to haul a couple of pumpkins a few steps!
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Of course, he had to see if he could make a bridge out of pumpkins..
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the whole time being besieged by the "Papa"razzi :)
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We got ourselves a pumpkin and explored the back part of the grounds, where the lake is.
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Of course, there was no lack of hamming it up for the camera :)
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The little boy was NOT fooled for one moment when we came across the upside down legs in the lake trick :)
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Till next year, Pumpkin Patch.
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