Sunday, November 02, 2014

The Old Jail Art Center never fails to amaze

First, it was their Chinese New Year celebrations, which we have been to a few times, and then this year, they started a Diwali Family Festival celebration to bring more awareness to the community about this celebration. In Malaysia, Diwali ( or Deepavali as we call it ) is a National Public Holiday, and Jaxon and I had spent a few days learning about it in school. So when I found out that they were doing this, I had to make sure we went by there.

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I don't know why, but I was compelled to "printscreen" the  page advertising the Festival - like, as if it was going to disappear and we would have no proof that it ever existed. :)
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When I was a little girl and went on excursions/trips with my family, my dad would ask us to touch the walls as part of the experience.  That was strangely fulfilling and memorable.
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History, man. Like, woah.
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The first thing that caught our eyes was the Rangoli Art in the courtyard.
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It was a warm day, and I pretty much had sweat dripping off my forehead by the time we were done, but the girl on duty had hours yet to sit out there at her post. 
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There were a couple of rows of Diya lamps to usher us to the Festival.
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And colorful decorations on the wall
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Daddy even got into it by doing a craft with the little boy.
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The little boy got really into the different stations, and even got to make his own cookie! AND there was authentic Indian food, ordered from a local Indian Restaurant
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Hurray for the Old Jail Art Center!

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