Sunday, May 25, 2014

Abilene Kennel Club Show

We haven't done many things/excursions on Saturdays for a while now, and so when I saw that the Abilene Kennel Club was having their annual show over the weekend, I thought that it might be fun to go see some of that.

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The little boy was excited because he had never been to one before, but started getting restless after a while, because "I thought it would be more exciting than this."

 photo Current-Folder2_zpse3fb558d.jpg


Anyway, in between walking around with the little boy to add more "excitement" to his morning, and trying to catch a glimpse of the different breeds,  I managed to get some photos. :)

 photo Current-Folder_zpse8eeac1e.jpg

There were not very many spectators in the stands - in fact, it was mostly empty, with most of the people being the participants, groomers, breeders, and just about anyone who was involved in showing a dog there.

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Of course, after that we were off to Sam's, where we read books, shared a slice of pizza and a very berry frozen yogurt, all which were probably way more exciting to the little one :)

Revisiting April

Yes, folk.. APRIL!

Here's an Easter post that got lost in the system. I have recently started exploring the world of Twitter and Instagram, and sometimes stuff ends up on there and gets forgotten over here. Anyhow, I will try to be a little better at keeping up.

We had Easter lunch over at Cindy's with her family, and the little boy had fun times with his cousins and Aunt.

 photo April-07_zps2a241cd8.jpg

 photo April-06_zpsf5cef46b.jpg

 photo April-07a_zps01c0d235.jpg

We got to bring the cousins to Jaxon's favorite "Umbrella Park"

 photo April-16_zps004e9e75.jpg

The little boy dancing at the Well Child Clinic, free of apprehension because he knew that he would not get a shot this visit. *phew*

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Monday, May 12, 2014

From my sweet sweet boys

My sweet boys made this for me yesterday :)

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 photo P5128481_zps4442a87c.jpg

And yes, this is one mom who spent a significant portion of her life on her Playstation and now apparently, has passed on those gamer genes to her son. ( read : playing Kinect with Mommy )

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 photo P5128484_zpsed85b074.jpg

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Onward and upward

We saw Cindy off at the airport yesterday.

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Unlike past years, she is going to be gone long term, and back only for about a month every year.

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It is definitely going to impact our family a lot, especially for little boy, who was super close to his aunt.  He has had time to take all of it in, and even though in the beginning, he would start crying whenever he thought of her leaving, he is now looking forward to when she comes back for a visit.

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Several weeks ago, we had a African themed "We love you" party for her at Oldham Lane, with family and some of the ladies from Bible Class.

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We will definitely miss her terribly but are happy that we'll still be able to keep in touch by email, phone and skype.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Easter 2014 Part 3

Lastly, we had a little time after attending Cindy's party ( a later post ) on Saturday, and thought we would drive by Southern Hills Church to see if there was still any of their Eggstravaganza left.

And woohoo, it was still in full swing!

 photo Blog11_zps290b9251.jpg

We got there just in time for one of the egg hunts ( yeah, people were coming and going, and they kept on getting out there in their little golf cart and scattering eggs over and over  after every "session" )

We didn't have an Easter basket with us in the car because we were not expecting to be able to even catch the tail end of the celebration, and so sadly, we had to send the little boy into the field with his cousins and *hangs head in shame* a W*lmart sack. *sigh*

Nevertheless, the little boy did not know the difference and was totally thrilled and enjoyed himself tremendously.

  photo Blog13_zps1b508398.jpg

  photo Blog12_zpsaae7dc82.jpg

After that, came time for the BOUNCY CASTLES! I mean, the glee on the little boy's face was just too precious.

  photo Blog14_zps18a50c1e.jpg

 photo Blog15_zps80f96eee.jpg

 photo Blog18_zpsb5643ad0.jpg

 photo Blog17_zpscb87bead.jpg

Anastasia and Allen were there with us, but somehow I managed to only get photos of Anastasia...

 photo Blog20_zps3f9eee3d.jpg

We even got to take a picture with a very tired Easter Bunny.  :)

 photo Blog19_zpsd9e8c942.jpg

Friday, May 02, 2014

Easter Part 2

How can we celebrate Easter with a little boy without decorating some eggs?

 photo Blog7_zps65312c83.jpg

The little one couldn't quite be trusted yet with the prep work, but he certainly enjoyed making the eggs colorful and putting his own little signature flair on the ones he colored.

 photo Blog8_zpsbce92daf.jpg

 photo Blog9_zps2a4c62e7.jpg

And off course, we have to start an Easter Rabbit pancake tradition :)

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Thursday, May 01, 2014

Easter 2014 Part One

Very much overdue, but here it is.

We wanted to little boy to experience an Easter egg hunt with other children, the way his daddy remembers them.  So, when we saw that AbileneMoms were having a hunt in the park, we signed on for the hunt and potluck lunch. :)

The little boy got super excited when he saw the eggs that were laid out on the ground, and insisted on doing the rounds and checking them out.

 photo Blog_zpsb4d5e552.jpg

When it came time to line up for he hunt, he was seriously stoked.

 photo Blog2_zps259dd4f2.jpg

Of course, one can only do the hunt with one's beloved Angry Birds basket, aye?

 photo Blog1_zps27bb6024.jpg

For him, it is so much  more the "thrill of the hunt" rather than the spoils or loot - I mean, they are a welcome prize,  but he was not dwelling on it. .... nor did he dwell on lunch...

  photo Blog3_zps9340743b.jpg

...because what little 5 year old can think about food when we are at a PLAYGROUND/PARK???

 photo Blog4_zps92a18a34.jpg

I "excused" him from the lunch bench so that he could go wild with the other kids ( one of the schools was having a field trip of some sort ) on the playground equipment.

 photo Blog5_zps8fcd64fb.jpg

 photo Blog6_zps9040b841.jpg

We "homeschool" and so any opportunity for the little boy to interact with other kids close to his age is always a plus.  He loves making friends and introducing himself, and learns about taking turns and patience and whatnot.  :)

Part Deux coming up soon. Hopefully tonight.