Wednesday, December 30, 2015

T'is the Season Part 9

Christmas Day

The little boy woke up with much excitement, and eager anticipation of what was inside those stockings!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning_zps1mxtc7yt.jpg
They came with a personal little gift tag!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning1_zpsnfd7ny9c.jpg
He got a bunch of stuff from his wish list - including a bunch of Stampy and Minecraft items.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning3_zpsx4fds3gf.jpg

 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning2_zpsm4zujgd8.jpg
Then, it was time to see what loot was waiting for us under the tree!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning4_zpsw4yb0ert.jpg
This year, there was even a pedal car!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning5_zpsrhclqhwi.jpg
Thank you, Uncle Carter & Aunt Winnie for the gifts as well!
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Morning6_zpstd72xsx5.jpg
Afterwards, it was off for Christmas lunch at Stephanie's house, where the whole Wilson Clan was assembled, great grandchildren and all.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies_zpsudfcrc48.jpg
I made and brought turkey pigs-in-a-blanket, guacamole and some Reese's peanut butter chocolate bars for dessert.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies1_zpsfdfbsjvn.jpg
Jaxon exchanged gifts with his cousins, and had loads of fun playing over there - he especially loves their PonyCycle.
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies2_zpsyl0nj7xi.jpg
Oh yes, and after all that food and fun, it's time to retreat to the new baby's room and have some good ol' rest. :)
 photo Dec 25 Christmas Togetherness at Stephanies3_zpsgodjixwt.jpg

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

T'is the Season Part 8

Trimming the Christmas Tree

This year, the little boy played a much more major role in helping me trim the tree.  The hubs and I put the lights around the tree, and the little one worked on putting on the different ornaments.
 photo Dec 24 Trimming the Christmas Tree_zps5wp7lwnq.jpg
He needed a little bit of help reaching the higher limbs though, but did splendidly.
 photo Dec 24 Trimming the Christmas Tree1_zpslqynwie4.jpg
Our's is not one of those trees that have very coordinated picture perfect ornaments, but rather one that has a hodge podge of homemade, child-chosen, given-as-gifts, and personal favorites, as well as the mandatory ornament-of-the-year pieces.
 photo Dec 24 Trimming the Christmas Tree2_zpsmfd55nnf.jpg
 photo DSC_1169_zps30wk0t1o.jpg
And of course, to top it all off, was the tradition of the little boy and daddy placing the star on the top. :)
 photo Dec 24 Trimming the Christmas Tree3_censored_zps9dehqb3f.jpg

T'is the Season Part 7

Cookies for Santa

It was all a bit last minute, and the cookies didn't exactly come out of the oven looking all perfect, but we had fun, and it was all grand.

 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa_zpsr39aacs1.jpg
We used one of those Pillsbury tubes of sugar cookie dough, rolled them out and used cookie cutters, and then rolled them into little balls and pressed them into the shaped cookie tray.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa1_zpsg9he46jf.jpg
They came out all either too blobby, all spread out, or a little crunchy, like a bigger chip. Oh well.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa2_zpskzq2f9xu.jpg
We still had loads of fun decorating them, nevertheless.  This year, we used homemade icing/glaze as well as store-bought tubes we had on hand.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa3_zpszwbjjhhl.jpg
Decorating cookies is indeed messy business, but oh so much fun.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa4_zpssevdkgxv.jpg
We ended up with quite a few masterpieces, and even daddy got in on the act and decorated one.  Can you guess which one?
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa6_zpsnrfyurex.jpg
Till next year, Santa!
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa5_zpsbe9exbk1.jpg

Monday, December 28, 2015

T'is the Season Part 6

Christmas Lights

As with years past, we made a trip to the Abilene State Supported Living Center, where the annual Christmas displays had been set up.  This year we've been lagging behind in a bunch of stuff, and so we managed to get this in only on Christmas Eve.

 photo Dec 24 Christmas Lights_zpsieoiadvi.jpg

Another tradition we have is for the little boy to sit on daddy's lap and "drive" as we go 5 mph down the windy streets, looking at the various displays.

 photo Dec 24 Christmas Lights2_censored_zpsho6yiood.jpg

The little boy recognized some of the displays from previous years, and was excited to see them, especially the Peanuts display.

 photo Dec 24 Christmas Lights1_zpsc9kc4ffm.jpg

After that, we went around the neighborhoods and enjoyed still more spectacular lights. :)

 photo Dec 24 Christmas Lights4_zpsk1hdbdui.jpg

Sunday, December 27, 2015

T'is the Season Part 5

Gingerbread House Construction

 photo Dec 21 Gingerbread House Construction_zpsq5tz11ol.jpg

We even had a whole cheerleading section in the back ( read: Soft Toys in A Row )

 photo Dec 21 Gingerbread House Construction1_zpsaqgkrj6u.jpg

Some of the roof slid a little during the "drying and hardening" process, but it was salvageable with some nifty icing work :)

 photo Dec 21 Gingerbread House Construction2_zpszttpdh5y.jpg

Saturday, December 26, 2015

T'is the Season Part 4

Breakfast with Santa

 photo PC126488-001_zpsokocjspw.jpg

This year, we asked the little boy if he would like to go have breakfast with Santa in his Jammies, and his face lit up with enthusiasm. :)

 photo PC126462-001_zpsyxrm9yos.jpg

I mean, pancakes with syrup, sausage patties and milk..... that's a pretty excellent breakfast to me..

 photo PC126463-001_zpsc14qf1bm.jpg

Lots of kids came in their jammies too, tucking into their breakfasts having a good time.

 photo PC126461-001_zpsza5xfkph.jpg

Like, YUM.

 photo PC126464-001_zpsnrzsyvpw.jpg

We were joined by Cindy - which always makes things just that much better.

 photo PC126468-001_zpsekrztzee.jpg

Meanwhile, little kids were lining up to see Santa and have their picture made with him.

 photo PC126466-001_zpsjl8tgw4u.jpg

After lunch,  we hit the craft tables... I LOVE those black scratch-off thingies where there's rainbow colors underneath.

 photo PC126469-001_zpskbqykkkz.jpg

We also made pinecone Christmas Trees,

 photo PC126472-001_zpsci6utlwj.jpg

baby Jesus in a manger,

 photo PC126473-001_zpssxnsrrud.jpg

and decorated a gingerbread/cookie man.

 photo PC126477-001_zpsanrxn3hy.jpg

Plus, the sack that all the craftiness goes into..

 photo PC126484-001_zpsy5og07u4.jpg

This year, there was no hesitation or shyness when it came time for the little boy to meet Santa.

 photo PC126487-001_zpsa9edocqd.jpg

We walked around a bit and took photos with er, another Santa, a Snowman,

 photo PC126475-001_zpszazbzvig.jpg

and a non-Rudolph reindeer.

 photo PC126490-001_zpswcm2fs0r.jpg

Friday, December 25, 2015

T'is the Season Part 3

Bible Class Christmas Party

We sort of volunteered Madge's home for the pot-luck party, but she was so gracious she gladly volunteered herself after that :)

 photo PC116421-001_zpsaxhblp1o.jpg

This year, Xia Yu's parents were in the States, visiting, and so Xia Yu brought Xi, her parents, and her little year-old granddaughter Sophie along :)

 photo PC116427-001_zpspl9s0bsb.jpg

She was so precious, looking like a real life baby doll.

 photo PC116431-001_zpsxr1rheyd.jpg

Good food and happy times galore.

 photo PC116425-001_zpsvbvr6lsu.jpg

Monday, December 21, 2015

T'is the Season Part 2

HEB Feast of Sharing

HEB once again hosted their annual Feast of Sharing Christmas meal at the Civic Center, and we were glad to have Cindy with us this year.

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing_zpski8iijvg.jpg

There weren't any long lines when we got there, so we walked right in and were taken care of almost immediately by the volunteers who were helping out.

 photo Dec200820HEB20Feast20of20Sharing1_zpshe1asdns.jpg

There was yummy rolls, ham, greens and mashed potatoes n gravy.

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing4_zpshphyqsts.jpg

The little boy even got an unexpected treat!

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing2_zpsania3pyz.jpg

They usually serve around 7000 people every year, and all I can say is, I'm in awe at all HEB does for the community.

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing5_zpsy3lcgrgy.jpg

Revolution Strings was there to entertain, so we got to hear their fantastic music yet again!

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing3_zpsdg7jfr01.jpg

After dinner, it was off to the back where the children's area was to play games and have fun!

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing7_zpsja6ubdo0.jpg

Jaxon wanted to have his photo taken with the HEB mascot and several other characters who were walking around spreading cheer :)

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing6_zpsnwpyeek8.jpg

We even found Jaxon's favorite pop-up Snowman!

 photo Dec 08 HEB Feast of Sharing8_zps7q8puzcg.jpg