Thursday, January 01, 2015

Holiday Happenings IV : Baking Cookies

The little boy had wanted to make cookies to leave out for Santa, and everytime I have wanted to make cookies, they start spreading and become mere blobs.
 photo PC242106_zps3d844619.jpg
This time, I decided to take the easy way out and purchase premade cookie dough and just do cookie cutting and baking with the little boy.
 photo PC242089_zps75b556b2.jpg
He had a lot of fun making imprints and playing with the flour, and I had to teach him the concept of making the cuts close to each other and the edge,
 photo PC242096_zpsff2a6a0d.jpg
 photo PC242100_zps2df72a07.jpg
and not wherever we wished; like, say, right dab in the middle of the piece of immaculate dough.
 photo PC242105_zps1b06a130.jpg
They came out very well, and I made sure not to over-bake them.
 photo CurrentFolder9_zps2da5774a.jpg
The little boy helped with some of the icing and decoration, but soon left for greener pastures while I finished up the rest.
 photo CurrentFolder_zps81fe9923.jpg

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