Thursday, January 01, 2015

Holiday Happenings III : Christmas Lane

We went by on the eve of Christmas Eve to Christmas Lane, and apparently, there were a lot of "last-minute"ers like ourselves, hoping to soak in some bit of organized Christmas Lights before the big day.
 photo P1050123_zps3b4b7665.jpg
 photo P1050141_zpsff1adc20.jpg
Therefore, even though the queue was not superbly ridiculous, it still took a while to inch our way to the gate.  
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The little boy sat on Daddy's lap and "drove" for a bit inside the compound, oohing and aahing and pointing to familiar characters.
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It was quite a windy day, and so a bunch of the inflatables pretty much appeared drunk.
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After driving around the "designated route", we parked and went into the building where Santa was, as well as other indoor displays.
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BUT, first we called up the North Pole and spoke to some elves who were working in Santa's workshop!
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The little boy was fascinated by the large scene with trains in the middle of the room, as well as the themed displays.
 photo P1050166_zps43434a85.jpg
We had watched The Grinch Who Stole Christmas for the first time this year, and so that was the first display he actually ran to and asked for a photo to be taken. 
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 photo CurrentFolder5_zps2c59a00c.jpg 
I can't believe I'll have to wait an entire year for all this again.  But then again, it hardly seems like any time had passed by from when we visited Christmas Lane last year.  The little boy wasn't too too interested in seeing Santa, and so we left to drive around the neighborhoods to see Christmas decorations.
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We went home happy :)

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