Thursday, March 05, 2015

Happy Last Day of the Lunar New Year

It is a bright sunshiny day.  There are now very few traces of the snow that fell last night, having melted away to reveal the bright green grass underneath.

And it has been 15 days since Chinese New Year.  So, as the little boy and I reviewed in school this morning, today is also known as.. The Lantern Festival, Yuan Xiao Jie, Chap Goh Meh & Chinese Valentine's Day among other things.

  photo 12_zpsibzzntkd.jpg
We have had our lanterns up for a while in the RV.  I got them for a song on ebay, and they remind me so much of the ones I played with when I was a little girl back in Malaysia.  These ones don't have a little doohickey inside to hold up a candle, but I suppose it is way safer to just put in one of those LED tea lights instead. 

I just hung them up under the lights so it looks like they really ARE lit up from inside.

Anyhow, I had forgotten to post the photos from when we brought the little boy to the Old Jail Art Center in Albany for their Chinese New Year celebrations last month.

 photo 1_zpsj6yjblns.jpg
There were booths/tables stationed outside for crafts and face painting.  The little boy eagerly did the cherry blossom craft, but was less crazy about the face painting.
 photo 2_zpsgigzbs5j.jpg
When we got inside, there were more craft stations with volunteers waiting to help out the little ones.
 photo 3_zpshdei80jk.jpg
For a little town, the attendance was quite impressive.
 photo 4_zpstxf1x2em.jpg
We did a scale craft, which was added onto the community dragon project
 photo 5_zpskeexo8ux.jpg
and then basically did the rounds. :)
 photo 6_zpsbylwc6bk.jpg
There was some pretty good grub :)
 photo 7_zpskxcdtoyt.jpg
and of course, the Japanese drummers from Fort Worth ( I think )
 photo 8_zpscgwxyflu.jpg
and last but not least, the Pinata....
 photo 9_zpsyzunvq4t.jpg
For the past few years that we have been attending this, we had never stayed long enough for the pinata bash.  This time, we were late getting there, and so we stayed on a little later too. 
 photo 10_zpsvrgfwjel.jpg
The pinata was pretty tough and unrelenting, and so the lady had to actually break it apart with her hands.
 photo 10a_zpsanxmxgi3.jpg
I like to think we ended up with the prized catch. :)
 photo 11_zpsomcbir6k.jpg

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