Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Day Trip

Every year, we make a trip to Dallas for the hub's yearly checkup.  This year, we made it in the middle of the terrible rainstorms that hit the state last month.  It was foggy most of the way there, with the sky clearing a little by the time we got there.
 photo 1_zpsq6nhir67.jpg
 photo 2_zps4z6b0w1r.jpg
I've always been fascinated by all the different over under intersection bridge overpass underpass thingies.
 photo 3_zpskpz62vrk.jpg
and of course, there's always whining longingly to the hubs each time we pass Six Flags. :) Except these days, I would probably turn green at the gills on the first ride.
 photo 4_zps0bdffirq.jpg
The little boy was quite the trooper and kept himself occupied with different activities.
 photo 5_zps8skcwosf.jpg
We went through Deep Elm/Ellum, which was pretty cool,
 photo 7_zpsetxshmlp.jpg
and dropped by Costco for a short spell..
 photo 6_zpsrwdoqwd1.jpg
The rain had let up a whole bunch by the time we were headed back in the evening, but there were still some magnificent clouds in the sky as we headed off into the sunset.
 photo 8_zpshkpjo48p.jpg