Monday, July 27, 2015

Record Breaking Rainfall

At this moment, when the temperatures outside are gaining into the 3-digit regions, it is hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago, we were all sloshing about in record breaking rains.

 photo Fullscreen capture 7272015 44314 PM.bmp_zpsdqcxiffv.jpg

 photo Fullscreen capture 7272015 44309 PM.bmp_zpsnbux0ixq.jpg

It filled up a bunch of the region's lakes quite significantly, and we drove out the Lake Fort Phantom the other day to GAWK at how the levels had risen.
 photo 2-001_zpsali6tnba.jpg
We couldn't believe how high the water was ( relatively speaking, for you nitpickers out there ), 
 photo 1-001_zpsoo39knjt.jpg
and it wasn't long before more and more people started arriving and parking their vehicles to just LOOK at the lake in disbelief and wonderment, as we have had to deal with drought and extremely low lake levels for years now.
 photo 3-001_zpsqcs03wvc.jpg
I mean, just look at all the foliage that is now underwater, that had had the opportunity to grow in the last few years.
 photo 4-001_zpsu4z0ujdu.jpg

Saturday, July 25, 2015


I never had a chance to "grow" a butterfly when I was a child, and I have been doing it vicariously through Jaxon's "Life Cycle" lessons.

PLUS, living out here in the country with plenty of butterfly-attracting foliage makes it easier to spot them caterpillars when the time comes around.

This time, we had several attempts at rearing these little creatures.

First, we caught Hummingbird Moth larva on our lawn.  I have no idea why I don't have any photos of the larva, seeing how I am quite trigger happy with a camera, being Asian and all, you know.....

ANYWAY, after a little bit of research, we discovered that these larvae burrow into the soil to pupate. So, we put the little one into a jar with soil and waited.

After oh, I don't know, a couple of weeks, out emerged THIS impressive fellow...
 photo June 19 Hummingbird Moth Spawns1-001_zpsommusoq7.jpg
whom we released after oohing and aahing for a bit and taking some obligatory photos.

A few days later, I came across some "Question Mark Butterfly" caterpillars on one of our trees out here, and it was "ooooooh!" all over again.. eheheh.
 photo June 19 Hummingbird Moth Spawns-001_zpsnnftau49.jpg
All four of them formed chrysalises, but one of the chrysalises had some sort of spasmodic epileptic episode one night and turned black the next day.
 photo June 19 Hummingbird Moth Spawns2-001_zpsepou6paw.jpg
You can't really tell from the photos, but there were shiny metallic spots on the outside of the chrysalis.

The other 3 turned out really nicely, and hatched uneventfully., so we got to release one just about every other day.
 photo DSC_0766-001_zps4v1nzpxu.jpg
It was surprising to see the red blood-like liquid that dripped off of it. ( Update : I have since learned that it is actually metabolic wastes/meconium from while it was going through its metamorphosis )

Also, do you see its namesake question mark on the underside of its wing?
 photo DSC_0768-001_zps8ii7devz.jpg
The empty shell that was left was still pretty much intact.
 photo DSC_0769-001_zpsaqrqbgfn.jpg
Here's the question mark from another angle.

Apparently the trick to gently getting a butterfly to stay on your hands/fingers is to release them while their wings were still not fully dry so they wouldn't be so quick to fly off.
 photo DSC_0777-001_zpsow5veoz7.jpg
It was quite ticklish, but thrilling as well.

We then laid them gently on a plant in one of the flower beds so that they could finish drying their wings.
 photo DSC_0786-001_zps175x6smw.jpg
Quite magnificent, aren't they?

The little boy very much wanted to have it on his hand, but got so absolutely ticklish that he was quite content to just watch after a while.
 photo July 02 More Butterflies-001_zpsevhtnsrw.jpg

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Now that I am a homeschooling mom/marm,

the first thing that ran through my mind when I found this on our lawn one morning was, "I can show Jaxon a molted snake skin! Woohoo, Jackpot!"

 photo o-matic-001_zpstbrk0qyr.jpg
 photo DSC_0793-001_zpsbqzczbzp.jpg
 photo DSC_0791-001_zpsspfgnacq.jpg

of course, it was NOTHING compared to the epic snakeskin of '05

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Not a Rom Com

Just finished watching About Time ( 2013 )

Ah. The. Feels.

Yes, there is some language and whatnot, but what a lovely soundtrack as well...

Monday, July 20, 2015

I can't very well merge the two....

Seeing how I am a stay at home/homeschooling mom at the moment, a great deal of my day is spent with the little one.

Therefore, it is no surprise that a lot more things would get posted over on the other blog as opposed to this one.

But never fear, you were my first-born blog, and will be periodically updated as well!
So, be kind and be brave and onward and upward, Hi Ho Silver AWAY!

Thursday, July 09, 2015

4th of July 2015

We actually went to 2 fireworks displays this year - on on the eve and one on the night of.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed to Hillcrest for the 4th of July Neighborhood Parade.
 photo 1a-001_zpsbnvtvitu.jpg
People were already parked and ready for the festivities to begin :)
 photo 1b-001_zpsztoj0zd9.jpg
Of course, as with years past, the little boy had his own little agenda in mind.
 photo 1c-001_zpsilfuapva.jpg
 photo 2a-001_zpsgq73uzkp.jpg
 photo 2b-001_zps6l1rxzsn.jpg
 photo 2c-001_zpsmoq4hk3e.jpg
Of course, it was good that he paused long enough to realise that the Parade had started. :)
 photo 5-001_zpslarvhtom.jpg
 photo 6-001_zpsapv3szdh.jpg
 photo 7-001_zpsieigyzg7.jpg
 photo 8-001_zpsdycopcpr.jpg
Of course, with Daddy's help, the little boy managed to get some loot ( which he promptly forgot all about once we got home ) :)
 photo 9-001_zpsetjuwqec.jpg
There were plenty of characters out that day... :)
 photo 10-001_zpsprpaucsw.jpg
as well as a whole bunch of precious and adorable ones...
 photo 11-001_zpslnybcoiq.jpg
 photo 12-001_zpssmmb2w7m.jpg
And who could have a neighborhood parade without Classic Cars?
 photo 13-001_zpsyyouct8e.jpg
The hubs spotted one that was what his mother used to drive...
 photo 14-001_zpszldjuzir.jpg
After the parade, it was off to the Multi Purpose Room for Homemade Ice Cream!
 photo 15-001_zpsvkt0ye48.jpg
The little boy's favorite was Key Lime flavored ice cream.
 photo 16-001_zpsppzqbao2.jpg
And then of course, such bubblicious energy cannot be contained - especially when it is sugar-enhanced.... and so we went over to the play room and built forts and stacked some dominoes..
 photo 17-001_zpsurrj5yza.jpg
Then we stayed up late and parked along with what seemed like half of Abilene to watch the fireworks.
 photo P7044818-001_zps9dh8rtgc.jpg
It was QUITE the show. We saw displays that we had never seen before, which was super cool.
 photo July200420Fourth20Night20Fireworks20Display-001_zpscltiulwu.jpg
Till next year, then :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me....

We were by the ACU library the other day to scan some documents and the little boy decided that he would sit UNDER the table just so he could be by me. :)
 photo IMG_20150521_162946_216-001_zpsm2i0enjx.jpg