Monday, July 27, 2015

Record Breaking Rainfall

At this moment, when the temperatures outside are gaining into the 3-digit regions, it is hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago, we were all sloshing about in record breaking rains.

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It filled up a bunch of the region's lakes quite significantly, and we drove out the Lake Fort Phantom the other day to GAWK at how the levels had risen.
 photo 2-001_zpsali6tnba.jpg
We couldn't believe how high the water was ( relatively speaking, for you nitpickers out there ), 
 photo 1-001_zpsoo39knjt.jpg
and it wasn't long before more and more people started arriving and parking their vehicles to just LOOK at the lake in disbelief and wonderment, as we have had to deal with drought and extremely low lake levels for years now.
 photo 3-001_zpsqcs03wvc.jpg
I mean, just look at all the foliage that is now underwater, that had had the opportunity to grow in the last few years.
 photo 4-001_zpsu4z0ujdu.jpg

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