Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Big Country Balloon Fest

This year's balloon fest has come and gone, and it is almost a certainty that we are jinxed when it comes to watching Balloon Glows.  If it isn't one thing, then it's the next.

 photo 2-001_zpsbtx9klwu.jpg

This year, it got rained out on the night that we went.   It didn't rain where we lived, but it did right where the balloons were.

 photo 1-001_zpsw21385to.jpg


 photo 3-001_zps436ymr9q.jpg

And no, big noisy fire blasts are not quite the same thing.


 photo 4-001_zpsysbs3g77.jpg

However, the little boy got to go on bouncy castles, and so he had a blast.  We bought one of those "unlimited turns" bracelets for him, and so he got to go again and again till he was totally exhausted.  Also, it started drizzling/raining while we were out at the bouncy castles, turning them into slip-n-slides.  What child wouldn't go crazy with THAT?

 photo 5-001_zpsphkqk0ib.jpg

Also, because of the rain/drizzle, there was a much smaller crowd than other years, and so the little boy didn't hardly have to wait in line on any of the bouncy slides/castles, which was fortunate.

 photo 6-001_zpsx24yenv2.jpg

He didn't even mind sitting on newspapers in his car seat on his way home :)

( read : "Mummy, I can hardly feel them!" )

Needless to say, it wasn't difficult to get him asleep that night. :)

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