Sunday, October 18, 2015

ACU Homecoming Fireworks ( and FIRE )

Last year, Madge invited us over to watch the ACU Homecoming fireworks from her driveway, which faced the field from which the fireworks were set off.

This year, Madge was feeling very bad with vertigo, and didn't host a get-together, but told us we were more than welcome to park at her home and watch the fireworks show.  How could we say no to that? :)

We get there just in time, put out our folding chairs, and enjoy the show.

 photo 1-001_zpsv7f2ncx2.jpg

The little boy thought that the booms were too loud.. I don't blame him.  We were just about across the street ( and just a tad more ) from the field where the apparatus was set up.

 photo 2-001_zpslkvntdtg.jpg

Halfway through the show, we noticed that the field was on fire.

 photo 3-001_zpshdritah0.jpg

Then, came the sounds of sirens as the firetrucks rushed to the scene.  Meanwhile, the fireworks show was still going on!

 photo 4-001_zpsviz2nth4.jpg

The little boy was dancing along to the finale, which is always spectacular, when we noticed a second fire a little further away.

 photo 5-001_zpsvxxm4dhc.jpg

AFTER the finale, there was some more explosions/fireworks going off ON THE GROUND!

I later found out that the fire had made its way to a trailer holding some fireworks and set THOSE off. Winds then carried the embers across the street and started ANOTHER fire.

Ish Kebob.

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