Saturday, November 28, 2015

Ice Ice Baby

It has been raining for 3 days continuously.

Combine that with freezing temperatures and you get some beautiful but deadly phenomenons.

First, there is this crazy beautiful crystal world of shiny icicles and glittery ice.

 photo DSC_1146-001_zpst8j8mxqu.jpg

 photo DSC_1145-001_zpsl9kzkv6d.jpg

 photo DSC_1144-001_zpshp4cqcwr.jpg

 photo DSC_1143-001_zpsiifqo6au.jpg

 photo DSC_1142-001_zpsulvlyos2.jpg

 photo DSC_1135-001_zpsayb3wk2y.jpg

 photo DSC_1141-001_zpsr4g1h7bj.jpg

However, with all that amazing beauty, comes some pretty devastating and dangerous situations. Ice is HEAVY!

We lost a bunch of tree limbs this time - the worst that I can remember ever having personally experienced.   BUT I am awfully thankful that none of the limbs fell on any critical areas/structures ( *fingers crossed * ) that the electricity ( and most importantly, HEAT ) is still on !

 photo DSC_1136-001_zpsjmodexlc.jpg

 photo DSC_1140-001_zpsshcvxohd.jpg

 photo DSC_1138-001_zpsrspbotgn.jpg

 photo DSC_1133-001_zpsbj8fsbta.jpg

Stay warm and safe, folks!

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Valerie said...

So beautiful! At least you have this only rarely, right? ;-)