Friday, December 04, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

( Arghhh The T on my keyboard died and so it has been very annoying trying to type every T with the onscreen keyboard while trying to compose this post.  But never fear, a new keyboard is on the way and hopefully this "annoyance" will soon come to an end.  For someone who does "touch typing",  it is highly irritating. Bleh.. )

Part 1 : The Prep Work

 photo Nov 25 Making Cranberry Relish1_zpsdk8cknzs.jpg

 photo Nov 25 Making Cranberry Relish_zpsaugpnvip.jpg

The little boy helped make the Cranberry Relish the day before - this is starting to be a tradition with us - and he loves being Mommy's Little Helper, complete with a Chef's hat. :)

 photo Nov 25 Making Cranberry Relish2_zps0hgydeff.jpg

And Chef Jaxon approves of the Navel Oranges.  Very Much So.

 photo Nov 25 Making Cranberry Relish6_zpswduxmbm2.jpg

I loved having our little Christmassy touches at the kitchen window while we did this... 

 photo Nov 25 Making Cranberry Relish4_zpsxgvs4zun.jpg

and then there was the frenzied morning-of rush, getting the turkey and gravy and pie and dressing etc ready.... LOL!

 photo Nov 26 Thanksgiving Early_zpsatybfvc2.jpg

 photo Nov 26 Thanksgiving Early1_zpsujmwo3p2.jpg

The boiled eggs were for the gravy, which ( yum yum yum )  to me, is the best part of the whole meal.  Truly.

Part 2 : Thanksgiving at Oldham Lane

The family gathered together at Oldham Lane Church of Christ along with some friends and members of the church for the feast.

 photo Collages_zpsx7adh7he.jpg

The best part was catching up with friends and family that we don't get to see very often.  It was cool to see that the cousins were accidentally color coordinated in orange!

 photo Collages1_zpszufei0gv.jpg

Part 3 : Leftovers at Stephanie's house

We all convened again that evening at Stephanie's house for dinner - even though I suspect most of us weren't really that hungry, but were just enjoying being with family....

 photo Nov 26 Thanksgiving Leftovers at Stephanies4_zpsn36ehou8.jpg

 photo Nov 26 Thanksgiving Leftovers at Stephanies2_zps9xrowzut.jpg

 photo Nov 26 Thanksgiving Leftovers at Stephanies3_zpsnlblr4sx.jpg

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