Tuesday, December 29, 2015

T'is the Season Part 7

Cookies for Santa

It was all a bit last minute, and the cookies didn't exactly come out of the oven looking all perfect, but we had fun, and it was all grand.

 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa_zpsr39aacs1.jpg
We used one of those Pillsbury tubes of sugar cookie dough, rolled them out and used cookie cutters, and then rolled them into little balls and pressed them into the shaped cookie tray.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa1_zpsg9he46jf.jpg
They came out all either too blobby, all spread out, or a little crunchy, like a bigger chip. Oh well.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa2_zpskzq2f9xu.jpg
We still had loads of fun decorating them, nevertheless.  This year, we used homemade icing/glaze as well as store-bought tubes we had on hand.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa3_zpszwbjjhhl.jpg
Decorating cookies is indeed messy business, but oh so much fun.
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa4_zpssevdkgxv.jpg
We ended up with quite a few masterpieces, and even daddy got in on the act and decorated one.  Can you guess which one?
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa6_zpsnrfyurex.jpg
Till next year, Santa!
 photo Dec 24 Cookies for Santa5_zpsbe9exbk1.jpg

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